Monday, 26 May 2008

Catch up

A steady flow of English checking work has come in this week - hence the internet hibernation. I have just sent some more work off and at this very moment have half an eye on the TV. Back to the future is on!!! God, you know you're getting old when you think Back to the Future is a cool movie. Those were the days.

Things have been abnormally quiet around here - the quiet before the storm perhaps! We are taking M for a check up at the big hospital on Wednesday. A very nasty test that I am only glad she won't remember when she is older. A test that I am not allowed the room for (well, at the last hospital I wasn't - but maybe this one they will let me). All over in about half an hour thought. We should hopefully be putting in the dates for her operation too, so all in all Wednesday is a big day. Hub has the day off work and we have prepped Granny K for the morning routine with S - seeing as we have to leave at 6am. Another taxi to kindy!

I had lots to write but is not a coming out...

best get to bed then - and hope that I get a better night sleep tonight so I have more energy to get back online tomorrow.


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