Sunday, 18 May 2008

Burny Bum

This is one of those slides with the rollers all the way down it. This one is particularly good for people wanting a bum massage. I believe at this precise moment I am yelling out 'oshiri ga itteeeeeeeee' - my bum hurts!

We went for a picnic to the park in the next town over. It was the first time S has been to this place which is a bit rundown but they still cut the grass and there are loads of cool slides and things. M was happy to just sit back in her pram and scoff down mashed peas and yoghurt - gag.

She is sleeping now but before bed she did a huge power chuck. Not quite an out the nose one but pretty close. Damn Japan for making my first thought be 'should we drive the hour to the hospital??' No, no, no, no. Don't be silly. When she woke up before she inhaled a bottle of milk - no doubt ravenous after losing all her dinner. So far so good. Still in there - as far as I can tell from the baby monitor. I have got the volume set to eight so I can hear every breath. Warning.... crazy mother alert!

I have just finished some english checking and now it's time for bed.



Ruth said...

I love this picture! Did Maki take the picture, or is Marina a child photography genius??

gaijin wife said...

Marina is a child genius. The next lesson is on setting up the tripod.