Sunday, 4 May 2008

4 days???

You know its the middle of a four day weekend when you are so preoccupied with wipping snotty noses and peeling squashed raisins off the floor that you don't notice the half bit of eaten cheese plastered to the side of the toilet until four in the afternoon!

The kids are FINALLY asleep. Neither of them had an afternoon nap - which is just asking for trouble. M was absolutely beside herself and S was in the sooo over being exhausted that I am wired and bouncing off the ceiling stage. Hub, who spent the afternoon entertaining S, is now snoring beside me on the rug. With a glass of 'shouchu' beside him hardly touched. Bless him. His is knackered.

Yesterday I went to the huge formal sit down lunchy to celebrate the birth of Solar panel man's son. I was a still a bit miffed that only one of us got invited - so miffed that until the day before Hub was going to be going even though I have a lot more to do with them. I haven't had to go to anything this formal since our neices wedding last February - when I still fit my suit jacket. The second child layer is taking longer to get rid of though so I had to settle for black pants and a nice top. Hub said I looked like I was just going shopping. I had to remind him that four inch black heels, wannabe diamonds and foundation weren't part of my standard shopping attire. I usually go for slip ons, small hoops and a bit of mascarra and lippy. Can't expect hub to notice these things though.

Tomorrow is children's day. M has 'crying sumo' thing in the next town over. We were planning on giving it a miss if it rains but Hub has said he will supervise the devil child well I take M. Will see I guess. We may end up throwing in the towel half way through. Last year, when we took S, it was raining and there were a hundred or so babies participating - plus their families, all in a very small enclosed space without even a change table!! Madness. The whole thing.

Today we took S for his first real ride on the train. M and I dropped Hub and S off at the train station and then net them ten minutes later at the next station. The things we do to keep our children entertained!!

Right, am going to try and move this lump off to bed.


Ohhh, about the twenty day diet - fell off the back of a truck, along with some orios and some mister donuts.

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