Tuesday, 22 April 2008

They've landed

It wasn't Rosewell. It was Kunimi!! My God, that must be the biggest cover up of all time. At this very second my house is being surrounded by small wrinkly people. about twelve of them, in varying states of dress with the males in the `less is more` category and the females in the `the more knitted vests the better` category. I thought Granny K had been taken hostage but now I think she's actually one of them because she has five vests on.

A person from each houshold in the immediate cluster of twelve houses got up at the crack of dawn to go to the mountians and gather mountain root vegetable things. Once a year this cluster puts on 'osettai' which is basically where people come and pray at an alter that has been put up for the day and then get free chips, biscuits or rice. The chips and biscuits is easy because everyone just gets a box so it's a no fuss no mess situation but the rice is another story. Our cluster has traditionally always done rice. This year it is our turn and so this friday will be very intersting indeed. It is all happening outside - benches set up, alter, cooking, washing etc. Hub has to take the day off work because two people from each house have to help out and I obviously don't count because of the small baby thing - or perhaps it the foreign thing although I can guarantee that a few people who wouldn't normally come to this kind of thing will turn up on friday just so they can have a squizz at the foreigners house.

I think I will dress M up in her most outrageous outfit and set the jolly jumper up out on the deck. Will test Granny K's logic and see if it is infact all old Japanese people that think the jolly jumper will give M a headache.

So anyway, at this second, the granny dirty dozen are outside trying to figure out how and where is the best place to wash the biggest and baddest bucket of mountain roots you have ever laid your eyes on. This will be served a la pickle style with the rice on friday. I didn't realise the whole thing was such a production. I braved the outside before to hang out some washing and about seven of them just stopped and looked at me as if I was about to come out with something crazy like `morning to you all ladies, fancy just taking all your vests off and running nuddies through the sprinkler`. A couple of them managed a hello which was nice.

I was meant to be putting a coat of stain on the deck this morning but it looks like it might rain which is probably a good thing because we all know that painting the deck would give me a headache. A couple of ladies are coming round at ten to talk gardens. Actually thats a horrible way to put it. Two good friends are coming round for a coffee and a gossip in about half an hour, during which I need to get some of their green thumb advice about the garden, in amongst gossip about our children, husbands, living in Japan in general and no doubt the wrinklies who have taken over outside - and who will no doubt be in even more shock when more foreigners arrive.

M has just woken up. If I have time on friday, in between being foreign and trying to not let M get a headache, I will take some pics of the whole 'osettai' bonanza.


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Ruth said...

I had to try so hard not to laugh out loud at that post. Ahhh Osettai. Such a random event. I hope you get time to get some pics. I'm sure all the oba-chans will have their finest vests and bonnets on.