Sunday, 20 April 2008

Stupid Man Logic

Stupid stupid man logic. Hub came home from a dinner drinking thing with the boys - well, actually it was the 'meeting' for the start of the financial year for the town 'machitsukuri' group. A group, entirely made up of men, that do various activities like weed eating, drumming at the local festivals, rah rah. After each event, and on most occassions before as well, they have 'meetings' that involve loads of piss and a room of smoking men. Hub doesn't smoke but he always comes home smelling of it as do his clothes.

EVERY FRIGGIN TIME he comes home he dumps his reeky clothes on our bed or, like tonight, on the baby rug in the TV room. Nice. I am very sensitive to smoke. Annoys me no end. On countless occassions I have asked him to hang his jacket outside and put his clothes straight in the washing machine. This doesn't seem like an unfair request.But tonight.....

He went off on a tangent about how it wasn't his fault that he came home smelling like smoke and what did I want him to do about it? Get everybody in the world who smokes to stop? And if it annoyed me so much why couldn't I just hang his clothes out for him - or, and this was quite brilliant and I very nearly did it - just chuck the clothes I didn't like the smell of away!!! Where does this kind of strand of logic even start in his brain I wonder. Absolutely infuriating and even more so because I know he is a bit drunk and that arguing about it is pointless. So... I came here to vent about stupid man logic.

I heard him go upstairs - to M's room to be where the spare bunk bed is. I can hear him snoring from here.

Anyway - the final of project runway is about to start


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