Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Skinny Tree

The mighty tree! So big and bushy that the shade it produces means the grass to the top of the picture is greener. Ahem.

I wonder if Granny K ever regrets some of the dribble that comes out of her mouth. Hmm, that was a bit over the top. Wonder if foreign daughter in law believed any of it! Not a chance GK. Old wives tales have a completely new meaning when you are the old wife telling them.

Took M to the mothers and kiddies play group at the town center this morning. It sometimes gets embarrasing having people going on about how cute she is, how lovely and pale she is (bring on the natural glow suzanne) rah rah. Half the time people don't even see past the 'foreign-ness'. I am getting better at returning the compliments but sometimes... I mean I do have a cute baby. There were loads of people there today. I have bought home a cup-cake shapped wall card to write M's name, birthday, favorite food (la leche de la booby), favorite game (la stretche de la nipple de la booby) etc etc. I will probably write mashed banana and peek a boo though.

Granny K looked after M while I took S in for his polio vaccination. It was an oral dose of sweet flavored stuff which he downed in one. Think he only has one more shot left and then thats for a few years until the booster shots before primary school. We got home at about two so not much point in taking him back to kindy. Had a nap and then Solar panel man's son Tyson and another girl his age came to play. S hasn't played with them since before he started kindy so was interesting to see the dynamics again. No tears or hitting, or even pretending to hit. There was a bit of S saying 'here you go' with one of his toys while he was fiercely holding onto it. All fun and games though.

Hub was late home from work again but the kids were good for the whole dinner and bath drama. M did go to sleep before seven though so getting ready for an unsettled night. S went down holding 'lightening McQueen' from cars but swapped it shortly after for his glow worm - which was actually a prezzie for M but which S has adopted.

Anyway, better get things ready for tomorrow. It is S's start of the school year kindy ceremony. They try and get as many parents as possible to go so they can delegate roles and discuss upcoming outings etc. Joy joy.

Over and out



Lulu said...

Sorry if you have mentioned this before but do you take your kids to a doctor that trained overseas for their vaccinations?

I have heard it is difficult to get them sometimes here unless the doctor is foreign or studied somewhere like America or England. There are certain things that I would like my future kids to be vaccinated against!

Like the outbreak of mumps in schools last year.....Why weren`t kids getting vaccinated against this? Some of the diseases that appear here have been completely gone in Australia ,America etc for years!

Just wondering! Thanks!

gaijin wife said...

We just go to the local town center. We get a list every year of vaccinations and dates and how old the child should be etc. They get a BCG (tuberculoucis sp??) one at three months - that is the two nine by nine square branding type thing that all japanese people have on their upper arm. After that is Polio, MR (measles and rubella) and DPT (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus). I don't think there is one for mumps - well not here anyway. I plan on taking my kids to play with a mumps infected kid when it comes round. Definately want that one over with before they get bigger.

Preferrably I would like it if they didn't get it though so maybe I will look into shots for it.

Our doctor hasn't trained overseas and is the just the local physician.

In NZ babies get their first shots at about five weeks so overall I am glad Japan waits until three months.

Actually when the outbreak of mumps happened last year I remember something on the news about vaccinations - and kids only getting one shot and not a booster shot up until a few years ago. Now all kids get two shots.

hmmm, I need to look into it too. Maybe its mized in with the MR shot.

Anyway, good to be prepared for your future kids :)