Friday, 18 April 2008


Have just come down from putting S back to bed. Although I am pretty much one hundred percent sure he was still asleep. Now that he is in his own bed and can climb out of it... well, the novelty still hasn't worn off and it appears that he can do it in his sleep now - still holding his new bullet train toy he managed to two year old tantrum out of me at kakaji supermarket this evening. I must admit though that when he picked up some Thomas the tank engine chocolate and I said he had to choose between them he actually said OK and relenquished the 70 yen chocolate for the 400 yen plastic bullet train with bubble gum. Knows the value of money already.

I have spent a very restless day. My sister went into labor at six thirty this morning - with her second. All of us - mum, other sister, sister in question and myself have all had relatively shortish labors - so after nearly 15 hours of not getting the 'baby is out' text I started to get nervous. I had to break open the celebratory champers / cheap ass chuhai from the dairy early because I was so nervous. Anyway, all is well and Marina now has another girl cousin to play with at christmas - as of about half an hour ago.

M has a bit of a cough - but not surprising considering I have been hacking my innards out for the past couple of weeks. I was giving M a bottle in the middle of the night last night when Granny K came in (I was down stairs in the TV room) and wondered allowed why I was giving her bottle not boob. Had my boobs run dry she inquired?? She then went and got a lovely green knitted overcoat to drap over my shoulders because I must have been absolutely freezing my 70kg frame in half. I wish. God damn it.

As it happens, my boobs haven't run dry - yet. But I wanted a good three hour sleep so opted for the bottle - as you do when you have had less than fours sleep in a row for the last two years. Gotta love the whole having children thing really!!

As for the diet-ish thing I was on.... Well,.... a few orios fell off the back of a truck and well... a few just happened to land in my mouth. Whats a woman to do?? Waste not want not.

So, I reckon hubby will be going to the baby welcome party and I will be at home in my trackies stuffing my face with orios from the back of some truck.


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