Monday, 7 April 2008

K Logic

Granny K, M and I went to see the first great grandchild on Saturday. We went via the shops to buy a gift - during which M got fondled by random shoppers and a bus tour group of seventy year old grannies - Granny K, who was about ten feet away at the next shop felt she had to come over and exercise her 'this is my beautiful grandchild' rights. M got a temperature yesterday and a light case of the runs - which Granny K put down to too much action on the Saturday.

Great grandchild was lovely and looks just like his dad - apparantly. Granny K and I have only ever met the man once, at their wedding last year. The baby, a boy called Rintaro, has more hair on his head than S does now - at nearly two. M got mauled again on the way out of the birthing clinic - by the nurses, who kept looking at the size of her head and at me. One finally got up the courage to ask if that thing actually came out naturally or did I have a C-Section. I did the whole can't speak Japanese very well thing and just commented with a 'aah, gaijin very stretchy'. Then it was off home.

Our being out all day, and S being at kindy, left a rather hungover hub to sleep most of the day, although I did ask him to check the ferret traps. Did I mention we put a couple of big mouse catcher sticky pad things up in the roof? If they sold them big enough I would buy one and put it outside the builders house in the middle of the night. Anyway, hub was far too hungover to get into the roof to check them. Thinking about it now, I haven't heard any ferret-ish sounding noises for a couple of days now. Excellent, we now have a dead ferret in the roof. Must send the man up this weekend.

M's temperature on Sunday had us tripping to the hospital while Granny K ran round after S for a few hours. Doc reckoned the temperature probably didn't have anything to do with her bladder/kidney problem - although she did do a blood test and urine test to be on the safe side. Poor wee M, she has seen more of the inside of a hospital in the last five and a half months than I have in thirty years.

Got home to S and a very scratched chin - from face-planting the concrete path. Got to happen really. Can't turn two properly until you have face planted the footpath, slammed your big head into a few walls, fallen out of your cot, choked from swallowing too much bath water...

Today M and I had a very lazy day. We had a morning and an afternoon nap together - soemthing that hasn't happened since she was about a month old. I passed out pretty much straight away so must have been more tired than I thought.

I still haven't taken a photo of the fishies so think will flag that idea and wait until ours are up, which will hopefully be this weekend. Think I should take a photo of the very skinny tree in our garden - which apparently is the reason why half the grass is greener than the other. The greener grass has had more shade - because of the tree. This is logic according to Granny K. But for full amusement you will need to see the tree in question.

Right, off to make some apple shortcake squares. Bought some apples today and after having one this arvo think they are probably better being used asap.


PS - Another bit of Granny K logic I got today was about putting M in the jolly jumper. S was in it at five months and they can be used once your baby can hold his/ner head up. M however, who I must admit is still a bit puzzled by it all after only her second try today, shoudln't be put in it because a) her legs aren't strong enough and b) she'll get a headache.


Lulu said...

Granny K cracks me up! I am not sure how I would go living with her though?!?

I hope M gets better! Poor little thing!

gaijin wife said...

Granny K is definately not the ideal live-in relative but she does come with free babysitting which is a bonus I guess. Best make sure shumpei has no relatives planning on joining you ever. He isn't the eldest son is her? I like your list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I am too scared to blog about anything like that. People would have me up about the lack of progress. Although, I think I will sort out my I-tunes and I-pod tomorrow. that has been bugging me for ages. Thanks for the reminder

illahee said...

i had to giggle about the headache thing. too funny!

i've been thinking about 'fishing' this year--going around with my camera and taking photos of others' koinobori. we don't have any ourselves, though personally i would love to have some. are they a pain to put up, take down and store?

gaijin wife said...

YES, YES and not really. Getting a builder to put the polls up is best idea. We hand 'peeled' (??) the bark off our ones and then hub had his mates come round and put them up - including builder friend. Only took an afternoon though and cost us yakiniku and beer. We put them up and took them down most days and didn't put them up in the rain. Was a bit of a hassle, especially on windy days. Some people leave them up 24/7 though. Because we didn't have them up in the rain they were pretty clean when it came time to put them away. I put them all back in their original boxes and they are under the stairs. Shouldn't be too bad getting them out and up for the second time. I doubt I will get round to taking them down each evening too. They do look very cool though. I think we are only putting up ten this year - I think we have a about fifteen. Do you want one to start you off?