Saturday, 12 April 2008


It appears that the boobs can still lactate with the best of them. I had to wake M at two this morning to ease the pain from not having fed in eight hours. ouchy ouchy. couldn't sleep. Today she has been drinking noramlly buy I have held out a bit and given her three bottles and some kumura.

I moved S back to his cot in the middle of the night last night. Finished off his room today while he was at kindy and he is currently, as we speak, at this precise moment, sleeping under his Lightening McQueen duvet cover. There is a lock on the wardrobe, a gate over the door, a window stop opening thingy on the window so he can only open the window enough to throw out a toy car or book. His big head though has now chance of fitting through.

Had to go an emergency shopping expedition with M to stock up on nappies - When we left the house we were seriously on her last nappy. Hubby was left chopping wood and pulling weeds. When we got home he was having a nap - with an empty beside the bed, which I am now thinking is his version of my tea and toast in bed.

We put the fishies up today. Only ten though. We are leaving them up, wind, rain and shine. I did take a pic but the battery on the digi cam is no go and can't be flagged recharging it.



illahee said...

do you want to wean? it might be a little bit of a nursing strike on her part (though it seems early). but i hear ya on the achy boobies. i have woken a baby myself on occasion. :D

gaijin wife said...

She has come back to the boob. I have decided to start giving her three bottles a day though - and mash fruit and banana. She seems up for it.