Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Tai tai

Hub has been working late a bit lately so doing the dinner, bath and bed routines with S and M tires me out so much I haven't been getting onto the computer. Think I am missing the point of a blog a bit so will try and be a bit more studious in my efforts.

I turned the house upside down today looking for a safety video that supposedly came with the car seat we hired from the police station last year. It has to be returned by tomorrow. I went today (the next town over) and got told there should be a video with it. Hmmmm... I haven't got a particularly good memory on the best of days but damned if I can remember there being a vid with it. Ah well, will pack up all the bits I have got and go back tomorrow.

It was solar panal man's son's first birthday today. They put up thier flying fish this afternoon. Think we are putting ours back up on saturday. The grass is knee high in the paddy where our poles are (this will make more sense when you see a pic). Guess I should sort out the 16 fish that are boxed away upstairs so they can be hoisted up again for April and May. At least this year S will have more of an idea. He can say 'tai tai' which I guess would be like saying 'fishy' in english. He has quite an english vocab now...

cheers, car, please, fishy, booby, yummy, yucky, baby, tv, bob (as in the builder)

Almost enough words to have an intelligent male converstation, especially if I teach him beer next.

Tried M on some spud and pumpkin mash today - not a happy bunny about that. Might have to make it a bit tastier with some kumara for tomorrow. S ate everything that appeared in front of him - including a good few pages of the New Zealand Listener, so I just presumed M would be the same. I might have to be a bit more resourceful this time round. The banana and peaches she got the other day prompted Granny K to tell me that I shouldn't give her sweet stuff first or she will NEVER eat anything else. I should be giving her watered down rice. Rightio then. Will do. Go and clean up your kitchen or something else productive, like trying to clear some floor space to vaccuum. Scratch scratch, claw claw.

Off to bed with a cuppa and a couple of chapters of my book.

Will go and look at Tyson's (solar panal man's son) fish tomorrow and take pic - unless I get so bollocked by the police station for not returning the car seat with the video that I have to come straight home to wallow (sp??? down at the hollow)with chocolate, coffee and an afternoon nap in the sun.


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