Friday, 25 April 2008

Granny B

This blog is for my granny B - Barbara. She died yesterday after an impressive eighty nine year innings. She had a fall a few days ago and broke her hip. The operation itself went well but the other parts of her body couldn't quite handle it. What amazes me is that, despite being in a home for patients with alsymis (I'll look it up and fix it later) she still waited until all her children were by her bedside. She doesn't know who everyone is but somewhere, somehow she knew that all those people there was a good time to go.

Everyone had gathered in Dunedin for Grandad's unveiling of his headstone. He died a few years back but with seven children it takes a few years to get everyone to agree on things. Anyway, a lovely plot was chosen in a very old cemetry and his ashes were to be scattered there tomorrow. All his children were gathered from NZ and Australia. Granny B chose this time to be with him. Trying not to get too upset, I think it's a nice time for her to have chosen. Of course we can't get back in time - which of course makes it really kick in how far away we are and how much family means. Absolutely hate being this far away in these times.

We lit a candle last night after I got the call and Granny K said we should light some incense at the alter because these things can travel a long way. Very nice of her. We haven't done it yet but maybe I will on Tuesday when it's Granny B's funeral.

I didn't appreciate my grandparents enough when they were alive. Granny B and Grandad D lived ages away and we only saw them once a year or so. They were very frugal but if you searched hard enough you could always find a tin of broken chocolate bits in the pantry somewhere. Granny B taught me how to play patience with cards. I have learnt, now that I'm older, that they lived how they wanted to. They would rather donate money to the botanical garden or for a new hiking trail than spend it on themselves.

So, thankyou Granny B and Grandad D for being my grandparents - and people I can now appreciate, respect, admire and be inspired by. S and M also thank you for their nice little education fund.

SD Granny B


Nay said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother's death... My thoughts and prayers are both with you and your family.

I haven't commented before, so I'm offically 'delurking' to express my sympathy for your family's loss.

gaijin wife said...

Thankyou Nay.

Family things like this seem to take on a 'surreal' kind of feel to them when you are so far away from it.

Thank you for your kind words.

tj-injapan said...

That's a really lovely post. Both your grandparents would have been happy to hear you talk about them like that. I think the idea of lighting a candle and incense is a good one. It's hard being so far away, isn't it. My thoughts are with you and your family in this hard time.

My granny taught me how to play euka (cards). She died when I was in Grade 12, but I still think about her sometimes, and remember the things she used to say, like "we're home, because we're home", which she would say everytime we pulled into the front yard in the car.