Monday, 28 April 2008

Five am

It's quarter past five and M and I are downstairs. She is sucking back a bottle and looking very very wide awake. I have a cup of tea and am also feeling very very wide away - after an embarrasing eight thirty trip to bed last night. S was talking to himself a bit before but I think hub has gone in to conjole him into another hours sleep. Two of them curled up under S's lightening McQueen duvet cover. I might get M sorted and me dressed and go for an early morning power walk.

We went on a family outing to the airport yesterday - as you do. Not going to meet anybody, just going to spend an hour on the viewing platform so S could watch the planes. I thought it was a bit funny just going to watch the planes but we saw Takatora-kun (Master Tall-tiger), the kid from down the road there too. Apparantly they go quite often. Perhaps I could organize a coffee group to meet there. Calling all mothers of restless two year old boys obsessed with anything with tires. Maybe next week we could all gather at a random construction site to watch the cranes and concrete mixers. Ooooh, concrete mixers. S LOVES concrete mixers. Flag the professional baseball player, doctor, fireman, and policeman, I think S wants to be a concrete mixer when he grows up. Would be quite handy having one in the family. Concrete is damn expensive.

Right, M is spending more time throwing the bottle on the floor than keeping it in her mouth. It's taken me five minutes just to type the last couple of sentences.

Ooh, news about the Olympic relay on TV again. I can understand the 'free Tibet' cause behind the protesting but don't see why it has to be connected to the Olympics and sports. The poor athletes running with the torch - getting egged and having ninety policeman running around them so that the people who have come out to actually see them go by can't even see them or the damn Olympic torch.

Might get changed into my walking gears.


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