Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Well I didn't spend all afternoon eating chocolate and feeling sorry for myself - although I did get a bit of a telling of from the silly hag at the police station. Yes, the seat did come with an instruction video and also a cushion thing that I hadn't been told about yesterday. Who in their right mind lends a five month pregnant woman with an eleven month old a child seat with ALL the bloody trimmings and a friggen video. AND expect that they get everything back. Absolutely not going to happen woman. So, I got sent home again and told to come back after I had found the video and pretend cushion thing. They almost insisted I take the whole seat back home with me until I had the complete set to hand back to them. Juggling five month old M on my hip I calmly suggested that perhaps I leave the 15kg car seat with them seeing as I had already wrapped it up and bought it into the police station.

Arrrghhhh... there is no video and no cushion within 100 metres of this house. Can I get away with just never going back. I bet she has already written a clause into the car seat lending agreement that states no foreigners - due to frequent loss of cushion and audio visual tapes and discrepencies between what accounts for a clean carseat - case in question had a few raisins and ten month old twisties stuck down the stupid holes where the belt comes through.

Anyway, enough about raisins and twisties. I did go to see the fishies but forgot my camera so that will have to wait until tomorrow - if I have the time that is in between cleaning up all the shite from all the cupboards that got trashed this afternoon while I was looking for the missing video and cushion.

Had my five very hyperactive junior high school kids for english this evening. I think they spent the entire hour taking the piss. And if we didn't actually get quite a bit done I would get serious with them. Surprising how much they take in. One of the boys mums dropped them off and at the same time gave me a very cute pink baby kimono thing with domes down the front and a side tie. Very cute. Maybe she realises how much grief her son gives me every wednesday night from 8 to 9.

Just going to watch the end of dreamgirls and then its over and out. There is a Japanese commedian who is on the way up for her impression of Beyonce doing one of the songs in the movie. She is excellent. Great laugh.


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