Friday, 11 April 2008

Bye bye booby

Both kids in bed - after an interesting day. Started with me feeling very sorry for myself after four trips up in the night with M and a cold that left me with no voice. S hadn't woken up so when he got up at half five I asked hubby (whispered) if he could get up - to which he responded by getting S and bringing him into our room. Having my hair pulled and my mobile hurled across the room did not make me very appreciative of the 'Man Help' my hubby expected praise for. My voice came back shortly after, mainly because swear words aren't as effective when they are whispered.

Bad parenting 101 - swearing in front of your children. Will have to watch out or S will be saying shit and piss off to the teachers at kindy - who will probably smile and think how cute it is that he is talking english.

M chose today to put her nose in the air about booby. The boobs have never been rejected before so I am taking it a little bit personally. Three bottles of formula later and she is feeding her self and munching back mashed banana and apple. Next, she will be asking to see the Edmonds Cook Book and telling me we have run out of flour. Have my fingers crossed that she sleeps better tonight but that she forgets that she has gone cold turkey on the booby and in her half asleep state agrees to a snuggle and one side at least - probably the right. The left seems to be behind on the milk production.

S chose today to put his nose in the air about sleeping in the cot. His disney 'cars' duvet arrived a few days ago. I had it tucked away in the cupboard so that I could sort out his room this weekend. I knew if it was out where he could see it it would cause all sorts of grief until I had the other things for his room sorted. Hubby, in an effort to offer more 'man help', took it out of the cupboard and out of its packet and drapped it over the big boys bed in S's room. So, S is now asleep under his Lightening McQueen Duvet cover and I have put a piece of heavy furniture in front of the wardrobe door (was going to buy a lock tomorrow) and a safety gate in his doorway - so that he can't work half asleep down the corridor to the stairs. He tends to want to leap down each step. Hope we get a full nights sleep out of him too. He can't reach the lightswitch so I imagine we will hear him falling all over the place if he manages to get out of bed.

I was at the local bread shop this morning when a woman came running over to see me. I used to teach her english but, and not for lack of her trying, tended to ignore any other attemps getting me to go places with her. Slightly annoying to say the least. She, at a hundred miles an hour, went on and on about how she wanted to come and vist and see the house etc etc. I (stupidly) said she was welcome any time. So anyway, she turns up at 3 this afternoon with cake. Ten minutes after she arrives, Granny K's younger sister and her husband arrive, followed ten minutes later by prune protien woman. Quite a full on afternoon.

I am procrastinating from sorting out my english class stuff which is in chaos. Four new students started yesterday. YAY. my english now pays for all of S's kindy fees. AND MORE - possibly even a few trips to starbucs a month now that his fees have been cut in half - at least thats what I think the letter that arrived today from the city office says. Can't figure out the reason exactly but who cares. Five hundred a month down to two fifty. Not complaining.

Right, better get some of this sorted out.


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Ruth said...

I don't suppose the visitor happened to be a certain Etsuko T? I shudder just reliving the memories of working with her at Mel's English class!