Monday, 14 April 2008

Barbie Cake

I took M to a friend's daughters 8th birthday party yesterday and this is the cake that my friend had made. I will have to ban her from coming to any of M and S's birthday parties for fear of having round cake with pebbles made laughing stock. To top it all the cake didn't just look fantastic but it tasted very very yummy and I had to have a few pieces to give me the strength to drive the hour home.

I really do have to give up this eating lark. Everyone says it doesn't matter when you are breastfeeding and that you need to eat for two - but seriously now, I have been eating for two for the last three years. Two thighs, a stomach and a bum to be precise. Solar panel man is having a huuuuge huuuuhaaaa to celebrate the birth of their first son. Very tradiational thing called 'sekku'. They have invited 90 people and will be dressing their one year old Tyson in a mini tuxedo. There will be speeches and lavish amounts of food and beverages and then there will be me sitting in the corner in a tracksuit because I'm too beef to fit my suit. Someone will no doubt try and make the fat tracksuited gaijin get up and sing 'stand by me' or 'close to you' on kareoke, probably with a drunk relative's arms drapped over my shoulders. Gosh, the image is so clear I have almost laughed (or cried) the baby number two fat off my thighs.

So, from today I have bet my husband that I can lose at least three kilos in the next twenty days. I don't plan on doing anything too drastic apart from cutting out the shite I have been eating and doing some form of exercise everyday - I might have to resort to Billy's Boot Camp in the last week if things aren't looking hopeful. I got a five km walk in this morning with M and then a leisurely half hour walk in the afternoon with solar panel man's son and wife - who almost just about laughed herself even skinnier with the thought of me having to turn up in trackies.

Anyway, I'm not going to record everything on here - you will just get a yip on the right track or no, blew it when the chocolate eclair truck came round. If I manage to lose so much I can fit into the nice skirt I bought five years ago then I think I might just have to publish a book and sell it online via the site I register and with fifty testimonials and before and after photos of tim, sandy, john and tracy - who by the way are all now so happy at having lost fifty kilos in three months that they feel they can take on the world.

Right I am off to sort out some more english class stuff and then it's in to bed by ten to try the get skinny by osmosis cd - you know you can if you just try.


PS, I'm not serious about the CD

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