Friday, 4 April 2008

Another Shou

Yesterday I took M to meet another Shou. He is a month older than her and with two older sisters constantly trying to dress him up he seemed to be tickled pink with the attention of a younger woman. Even if she gave more attention to trying to stuff as much of her hand as possible into her mouth than she did to him! I went to their house to drop off a flying fish for their fishy poles that they put up last week in celebration of their Shous first children's day. I think ours are going up on Sunday but it depends on the weather. Should probably fish them out from under the stairs.

I got hub to ring up the police station to say we couldn't find, as expected, either the video or the imaginary pillow bit for the car seat. I was too scared. No doubt both things will turn up at some random time in some random place.

Hub is at his drinking thing in the city tonight. The bowling competition tomorrow has been cancelled but doesn't matter either way now as am taking Granny K to see her first great grandchild in Oita tomorrow. Our Niece had a boy yesterday morning so Granny K, M and I are going to spend the day shopping for a gift and visiting her in the hospital. We are leaving at the same time I drop S off at kindy so if I was really on to it I would be getting things sorted out tonight - but I just canne not do it. Too tired.

Think I will take a glass of vino and a book upstairs and then sleep in blissful slumber without thy snoring husband beside me until either one of or both of the kids decides to wake me up. M just had a feed so hopefully she gives me at least four hours so that the glass of vino has travelled below the boobs by the time she needs another feed - and if not at least maybe it will mean I get a good sleep out of her after the next feed! Am not liking the five thirty am starts to the day.

Right, off to rummage through the draws for the cork screw - NOT. It has pride of place stuck to the fridge.

Oooh, satelite is playing Beverly Hills Cop again. Is ALMOST worth staying up for - specailly as nearly know some of the lines.


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