Saturday, 26 April 2008


The aftermath of the vestling landing wasn't too bad. S was awake AGAIN at 5am but we did the big ignore your screaming child trick and in a couple of minutes he was content with reading his truck book and bashing his sister's glow-worm against the side of the child gate. I got up at six, gave the princess a bottle, fed and changed the devil child and sent him off to kindy with hub. M and I were back in bed before the vestlings even arrived. I heard them having extensive conversations about what to do with the leftover shitake mushrooms and mountain roots and how to divy up the booze. We got a couple of bottles of sake and beer.

Hub spent the morning raking leaves and cleaning the hubcaps on the car - which according to him, where disgusting and caked in mud because I drive through muddy puddles on purpose. YES, that is exactly right. I go out of my way to drive through the mud just so I can dirty your godforsaken hubcaps. Ah well, admittedly it was me that put all the scratches on them but I draw the line at spending my days looking for big dirt puddles.

Speaking of scratches - S managed to put two holes in the sliding doors yesterday - sliding japanese doors that go between the two tatami rooms. They aren't the lightweight paper doors but more the heavy weight ones that will cost half an arm to get fixed. I had taken the doors out to make the room one big room so that we could host the vestling dinner last night. I couldn't get too cross at S because, and Granny K still doesn't know this, I put not one but two holes in taking the doors out. Luckily they are all on the same side so I can keep one room looking normal - the holes haven't gone all the way through. No point getting them fixed until all kids have left home.

Hub, M and I went for a drive, a spot of shopping and some lunch before coming home for another nap. Love Saturdays. Don't feel bad about not staying on top of the house stuff and napping with M.

Might head off for another nap now. Granny B's champers did me over this morning I think I'm still feeling the aftermath. Body can't take it like it used to in the days of two dollar boubans and three dollar jugs.


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