Wednesday, 30 April 2008

4 years :p

We have just finished a lovely 4 year anniversary dinner. We had to wait till nine to eat because I had english from eight and didn't feel like teaching them after a few champers. Although god knows my english might have improved! Also didn't feel like sharing our nice dinner with S, who eats at six - when we usually eat. No point wasting nice steak when it is just going to be sucked on then hurled round the room.

Hub came home with a beautiful bunch (??) of flowers. There is a new florist in the next town over who is very modern with her displays - unlike the last place hub used to go to who just stuck random flowers in a bunch. He also came home with cake!! The best thing is the card for the flowers which he wrote himself and which I wont write here. Hubby might be in for some hubby maintenance tonight me thinks. Several, if not, a multitude, of brownie points.

Right, can't linger on the emails. Tis my anniversary after all.

Nighty night.

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illahee said...

happy anniversary!!

yoshi and i celebrated our fourth year on april 2nd.