Wednesday, 30 April 2008

4 years :p

We have just finished a lovely 4 year anniversary dinner. We had to wait till nine to eat because I had english from eight and didn't feel like teaching them after a few champers. Although god knows my english might have improved! Also didn't feel like sharing our nice dinner with S, who eats at six - when we usually eat. No point wasting nice steak when it is just going to be sucked on then hurled round the room.

Hub came home with a beautiful bunch (??) of flowers. There is a new florist in the next town over who is very modern with her displays - unlike the last place hub used to go to who just stuck random flowers in a bunch. He also came home with cake!! The best thing is the card for the flowers which he wrote himself and which I wont write here. Hubby might be in for some hubby maintenance tonight me thinks. Several, if not, a multitude, of brownie points.

Right, can't linger on the emails. Tis my anniversary after all.

Nighty night.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Five am

It's quarter past five and M and I are downstairs. She is sucking back a bottle and looking very very wide awake. I have a cup of tea and am also feeling very very wide away - after an embarrasing eight thirty trip to bed last night. S was talking to himself a bit before but I think hub has gone in to conjole him into another hours sleep. Two of them curled up under S's lightening McQueen duvet cover. I might get M sorted and me dressed and go for an early morning power walk.

We went on a family outing to the airport yesterday - as you do. Not going to meet anybody, just going to spend an hour on the viewing platform so S could watch the planes. I thought it was a bit funny just going to watch the planes but we saw Takatora-kun (Master Tall-tiger), the kid from down the road there too. Apparantly they go quite often. Perhaps I could organize a coffee group to meet there. Calling all mothers of restless two year old boys obsessed with anything with tires. Maybe next week we could all gather at a random construction site to watch the cranes and concrete mixers. Ooooh, concrete mixers. S LOVES concrete mixers. Flag the professional baseball player, doctor, fireman, and policeman, I think S wants to be a concrete mixer when he grows up. Would be quite handy having one in the family. Concrete is damn expensive.

Right, M is spending more time throwing the bottle on the floor than keeping it in her mouth. It's taken me five minutes just to type the last couple of sentences.

Ooh, news about the Olympic relay on TV again. I can understand the 'free Tibet' cause behind the protesting but don't see why it has to be connected to the Olympics and sports. The poor athletes running with the torch - getting egged and having ninety policeman running around them so that the people who have come out to actually see them go by can't even see them or the damn Olympic torch.

Might get changed into my walking gears.


Saturday, 26 April 2008


The aftermath of the vestling landing wasn't too bad. S was awake AGAIN at 5am but we did the big ignore your screaming child trick and in a couple of minutes he was content with reading his truck book and bashing his sister's glow-worm against the side of the child gate. I got up at six, gave the princess a bottle, fed and changed the devil child and sent him off to kindy with hub. M and I were back in bed before the vestlings even arrived. I heard them having extensive conversations about what to do with the leftover shitake mushrooms and mountain roots and how to divy up the booze. We got a couple of bottles of sake and beer.

Hub spent the morning raking leaves and cleaning the hubcaps on the car - which according to him, where disgusting and caked in mud because I drive through muddy puddles on purpose. YES, that is exactly right. I go out of my way to drive through the mud just so I can dirty your godforsaken hubcaps. Ah well, admittedly it was me that put all the scratches on them but I draw the line at spending my days looking for big dirt puddles.

Speaking of scratches - S managed to put two holes in the sliding doors yesterday - sliding japanese doors that go between the two tatami rooms. They aren't the lightweight paper doors but more the heavy weight ones that will cost half an arm to get fixed. I had taken the doors out to make the room one big room so that we could host the vestling dinner last night. I couldn't get too cross at S because, and Granny K still doesn't know this, I put not one but two holes in taking the doors out. Luckily they are all on the same side so I can keep one room looking normal - the holes haven't gone all the way through. No point getting them fixed until all kids have left home.

Hub, M and I went for a drive, a spot of shopping and some lunch before coming home for another nap. Love Saturdays. Don't feel bad about not staying on top of the house stuff and napping with M.

Might head off for another nap now. Granny B's champers did me over this morning I think I'm still feeling the aftermath. Body can't take it like it used to in the days of two dollar boubans and three dollar jugs.


Friday, 25 April 2008


The vestlings took over the house at half six this morning. Mountain roots were a brewed and bamboo shoots were a cut. I wasn't in the best of spirits - being intruded upon that early still in my PJS and with two unfed, un-dressed under twos. I had to take M with me when I dropped S off at kindy because twenty vestlings attending to mountain roots does not a baby sitter make.

By about half ten all the preparations for the rice had finished and the ten men were trying to figure out what type of string was the penultimate string for attaching the 'osettai - get your free lunch here' flag to our garden fence. Christ, where is McGyver when you need him. Defiantely not in or even remotely close to, within the vacinity of, or flying over Kunimi.

Q. How many vestlings does it take to cook a pot of mountain roots?

A. About as many men as it takes to cut four pices of string.

People started to arrive at about 11 - to pray at the alter (see pic) and then scoff down a free plate of rice or two. The alter has all the bottles of sake that people brought round to have offered to the gods, the gods of Aramaki. I wonder what happens to it all. I know a couple of bottles got poured down the throats of a few of the locals but the other twenty or so bottles..... ??? The vestlings are coming round at 8 tomorrow morning for the clean up so maybe I will find out then. Watch this space.

I would say that all together about three hundred people came to pray across a three hour or so period. Knew loads of people and M was of course the star attraction. The jolly jumper was great and it appears that all of a sudden Granny K is a fan of all things foreign, jumpy and jolly!

After the 'osettai' ended all the vestlings stayed on for dinner IN the house. I was very chilled about everything until someone started to smoke. It was only the single vestling husband but still... I scooped up the kids and came into the TV room. Granny K noticed my hasty departure and whispered into the ear of her vestling friend why I had left. There wasn't a scene though and the man in question only got two fags in before everyone left.

The kids didn't get bathed until half seven but they were both sound asleep by ten past eight - as is hub now. snoring on the floor at half nine. There is still half a bottle of champers from our 'toast Granny B' champers I bought this evening. I should probably polish it off just to be representing the family on this half of the pacific. I will no doubt be regretting it at three in the morning when I have to come downstairs to make M a bottle but what's a woman to do?

Should probably get this lump off to bed.


Granny B

This blog is for my granny B - Barbara. She died yesterday after an impressive eighty nine year innings. She had a fall a few days ago and broke her hip. The operation itself went well but the other parts of her body couldn't quite handle it. What amazes me is that, despite being in a home for patients with alsymis (I'll look it up and fix it later) she still waited until all her children were by her bedside. She doesn't know who everyone is but somewhere, somehow she knew that all those people there was a good time to go.

Everyone had gathered in Dunedin for Grandad's unveiling of his headstone. He died a few years back but with seven children it takes a few years to get everyone to agree on things. Anyway, a lovely plot was chosen in a very old cemetry and his ashes were to be scattered there tomorrow. All his children were gathered from NZ and Australia. Granny B chose this time to be with him. Trying not to get too upset, I think it's a nice time for her to have chosen. Of course we can't get back in time - which of course makes it really kick in how far away we are and how much family means. Absolutely hate being this far away in these times.

We lit a candle last night after I got the call and Granny K said we should light some incense at the alter because these things can travel a long way. Very nice of her. We haven't done it yet but maybe I will on Tuesday when it's Granny B's funeral.

I didn't appreciate my grandparents enough when they were alive. Granny B and Grandad D lived ages away and we only saw them once a year or so. They were very frugal but if you searched hard enough you could always find a tin of broken chocolate bits in the pantry somewhere. Granny B taught me how to play patience with cards. I have learnt, now that I'm older, that they lived how they wanted to. They would rather donate money to the botanical garden or for a new hiking trail than spend it on themselves.

So, thankyou Granny B and Grandad D for being my grandparents - and people I can now appreciate, respect, admire and be inspired by. S and M also thank you for their nice little education fund.

SD Granny B

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

They've landed

It wasn't Rosewell. It was Kunimi!! My God, that must be the biggest cover up of all time. At this very second my house is being surrounded by small wrinkly people. about twelve of them, in varying states of dress with the males in the `less is more` category and the females in the `the more knitted vests the better` category. I thought Granny K had been taken hostage but now I think she's actually one of them because she has five vests on.

A person from each houshold in the immediate cluster of twelve houses got up at the crack of dawn to go to the mountians and gather mountain root vegetable things. Once a year this cluster puts on 'osettai' which is basically where people come and pray at an alter that has been put up for the day and then get free chips, biscuits or rice. The chips and biscuits is easy because everyone just gets a box so it's a no fuss no mess situation but the rice is another story. Our cluster has traditionally always done rice. This year it is our turn and so this friday will be very intersting indeed. It is all happening outside - benches set up, alter, cooking, washing etc. Hub has to take the day off work because two people from each house have to help out and I obviously don't count because of the small baby thing - or perhaps it the foreign thing although I can guarantee that a few people who wouldn't normally come to this kind of thing will turn up on friday just so they can have a squizz at the foreigners house.

I think I will dress M up in her most outrageous outfit and set the jolly jumper up out on the deck. Will test Granny K's logic and see if it is infact all old Japanese people that think the jolly jumper will give M a headache.

So anyway, at this second, the granny dirty dozen are outside trying to figure out how and where is the best place to wash the biggest and baddest bucket of mountain roots you have ever laid your eyes on. This will be served a la pickle style with the rice on friday. I didn't realise the whole thing was such a production. I braved the outside before to hang out some washing and about seven of them just stopped and looked at me as if I was about to come out with something crazy like `morning to you all ladies, fancy just taking all your vests off and running nuddies through the sprinkler`. A couple of them managed a hello which was nice.

I was meant to be putting a coat of stain on the deck this morning but it looks like it might rain which is probably a good thing because we all know that painting the deck would give me a headache. A couple of ladies are coming round at ten to talk gardens. Actually thats a horrible way to put it. Two good friends are coming round for a coffee and a gossip in about half an hour, during which I need to get some of their green thumb advice about the garden, in amongst gossip about our children, husbands, living in Japan in general and no doubt the wrinklies who have taken over outside - and who will no doubt be in even more shock when more foreigners arrive.

M has just woken up. If I have time on friday, in between being foreign and trying to not let M get a headache, I will take some pics of the whole 'osettai' bonanza.


Sunday, 20 April 2008

Stupid Man Logic

Stupid stupid man logic. Hub came home from a dinner drinking thing with the boys - well, actually it was the 'meeting' for the start of the financial year for the town 'machitsukuri' group. A group, entirely made up of men, that do various activities like weed eating, drumming at the local festivals, rah rah. After each event, and on most occassions before as well, they have 'meetings' that involve loads of piss and a room of smoking men. Hub doesn't smoke but he always comes home smelling of it as do his clothes.

EVERY FRIGGIN TIME he comes home he dumps his reeky clothes on our bed or, like tonight, on the baby rug in the TV room. Nice. I am very sensitive to smoke. Annoys me no end. On countless occassions I have asked him to hang his jacket outside and put his clothes straight in the washing machine. This doesn't seem like an unfair request.But tonight.....

He went off on a tangent about how it wasn't his fault that he came home smelling like smoke and what did I want him to do about it? Get everybody in the world who smokes to stop? And if it annoyed me so much why couldn't I just hang his clothes out for him - or, and this was quite brilliant and I very nearly did it - just chuck the clothes I didn't like the smell of away!!! Where does this kind of strand of logic even start in his brain I wonder. Absolutely infuriating and even more so because I know he is a bit drunk and that arguing about it is pointless. So... I came here to vent about stupid man logic.

I heard him go upstairs - to M's room to be where the spare bunk bed is. I can hear him snoring from here.

Anyway - the final of project runway is about to start


Friday, 18 April 2008


Have just come down from putting S back to bed. Although I am pretty much one hundred percent sure he was still asleep. Now that he is in his own bed and can climb out of it... well, the novelty still hasn't worn off and it appears that he can do it in his sleep now - still holding his new bullet train toy he managed to two year old tantrum out of me at kakaji supermarket this evening. I must admit though that when he picked up some Thomas the tank engine chocolate and I said he had to choose between them he actually said OK and relenquished the 70 yen chocolate for the 400 yen plastic bullet train with bubble gum. Knows the value of money already.

I have spent a very restless day. My sister went into labor at six thirty this morning - with her second. All of us - mum, other sister, sister in question and myself have all had relatively shortish labors - so after nearly 15 hours of not getting the 'baby is out' text I started to get nervous. I had to break open the celebratory champers / cheap ass chuhai from the dairy early because I was so nervous. Anyway, all is well and Marina now has another girl cousin to play with at christmas - as of about half an hour ago.

M has a bit of a cough - but not surprising considering I have been hacking my innards out for the past couple of weeks. I was giving M a bottle in the middle of the night last night when Granny K came in (I was down stairs in the TV room) and wondered allowed why I was giving her bottle not boob. Had my boobs run dry she inquired?? She then went and got a lovely green knitted overcoat to drap over my shoulders because I must have been absolutely freezing my 70kg frame in half. I wish. God damn it.

As it happens, my boobs haven't run dry - yet. But I wanted a good three hour sleep so opted for the bottle - as you do when you have had less than fours sleep in a row for the last two years. Gotta love the whole having children thing really!!

As for the diet-ish thing I was on.... Well,.... a few orios fell off the back of a truck and well... a few just happened to land in my mouth. Whats a woman to do?? Waste not want not.

So, I reckon hubby will be going to the baby welcome party and I will be at home in my trackies stuffing my face with orios from the back of some truck.


Monday, 14 April 2008

Barbie Cake

I took M to a friend's daughters 8th birthday party yesterday and this is the cake that my friend had made. I will have to ban her from coming to any of M and S's birthday parties for fear of having round cake with pebbles made laughing stock. To top it all the cake didn't just look fantastic but it tasted very very yummy and I had to have a few pieces to give me the strength to drive the hour home.

I really do have to give up this eating lark. Everyone says it doesn't matter when you are breastfeeding and that you need to eat for two - but seriously now, I have been eating for two for the last three years. Two thighs, a stomach and a bum to be precise. Solar panel man is having a huuuuge huuuuhaaaa to celebrate the birth of their first son. Very tradiational thing called 'sekku'. They have invited 90 people and will be dressing their one year old Tyson in a mini tuxedo. There will be speeches and lavish amounts of food and beverages and then there will be me sitting in the corner in a tracksuit because I'm too beef to fit my suit. Someone will no doubt try and make the fat tracksuited gaijin get up and sing 'stand by me' or 'close to you' on kareoke, probably with a drunk relative's arms drapped over my shoulders. Gosh, the image is so clear I have almost laughed (or cried) the baby number two fat off my thighs.

So, from today I have bet my husband that I can lose at least three kilos in the next twenty days. I don't plan on doing anything too drastic apart from cutting out the shite I have been eating and doing some form of exercise everyday - I might have to resort to Billy's Boot Camp in the last week if things aren't looking hopeful. I got a five km walk in this morning with M and then a leisurely half hour walk in the afternoon with solar panel man's son and wife - who almost just about laughed herself even skinnier with the thought of me having to turn up in trackies.

Anyway, I'm not going to record everything on here - you will just get a yip on the right track or no, blew it when the chocolate eclair truck came round. If I manage to lose so much I can fit into the nice skirt I bought five years ago then I think I might just have to publish a book and sell it online via the site I register and with fifty testimonials and before and after photos of tim, sandy, john and tracy - who by the way are all now so happy at having lost fifty kilos in three months that they feel they can take on the world.

Right I am off to sort out some more english class stuff and then it's in to bed by ten to try the get skinny by osmosis cd - you know you can if you just try.


PS, I'm not serious about the CD

Saturday, 12 April 2008


It appears that the boobs can still lactate with the best of them. I had to wake M at two this morning to ease the pain from not having fed in eight hours. ouchy ouchy. couldn't sleep. Today she has been drinking noramlly buy I have held out a bit and given her three bottles and some kumura.

I moved S back to his cot in the middle of the night last night. Finished off his room today while he was at kindy and he is currently, as we speak, at this precise moment, sleeping under his Lightening McQueen duvet cover. There is a lock on the wardrobe, a gate over the door, a window stop opening thingy on the window so he can only open the window enough to throw out a toy car or book. His big head though has now chance of fitting through.

Had to go an emergency shopping expedition with M to stock up on nappies - When we left the house we were seriously on her last nappy. Hubby was left chopping wood and pulling weeds. When we got home he was having a nap - with an empty beside the bed, which I am now thinking is his version of my tea and toast in bed.

We put the fishies up today. Only ten though. We are leaving them up, wind, rain and shine. I did take a pic but the battery on the digi cam is no go and can't be flagged recharging it.


Friday, 11 April 2008

Bye bye booby

Both kids in bed - after an interesting day. Started with me feeling very sorry for myself after four trips up in the night with M and a cold that left me with no voice. S hadn't woken up so when he got up at half five I asked hubby (whispered) if he could get up - to which he responded by getting S and bringing him into our room. Having my hair pulled and my mobile hurled across the room did not make me very appreciative of the 'Man Help' my hubby expected praise for. My voice came back shortly after, mainly because swear words aren't as effective when they are whispered.

Bad parenting 101 - swearing in front of your children. Will have to watch out or S will be saying shit and piss off to the teachers at kindy - who will probably smile and think how cute it is that he is talking english.

M chose today to put her nose in the air about booby. The boobs have never been rejected before so I am taking it a little bit personally. Three bottles of formula later and she is feeding her self and munching back mashed banana and apple. Next, she will be asking to see the Edmonds Cook Book and telling me we have run out of flour. Have my fingers crossed that she sleeps better tonight but that she forgets that she has gone cold turkey on the booby and in her half asleep state agrees to a snuggle and one side at least - probably the right. The left seems to be behind on the milk production.

S chose today to put his nose in the air about sleeping in the cot. His disney 'cars' duvet arrived a few days ago. I had it tucked away in the cupboard so that I could sort out his room this weekend. I knew if it was out where he could see it it would cause all sorts of grief until I had the other things for his room sorted. Hubby, in an effort to offer more 'man help', took it out of the cupboard and out of its packet and drapped it over the big boys bed in S's room. So, S is now asleep under his Lightening McQueen Duvet cover and I have put a piece of heavy furniture in front of the wardrobe door (was going to buy a lock tomorrow) and a safety gate in his doorway - so that he can't work half asleep down the corridor to the stairs. He tends to want to leap down each step. Hope we get a full nights sleep out of him too. He can't reach the lightswitch so I imagine we will hear him falling all over the place if he manages to get out of bed.

I was at the local bread shop this morning when a woman came running over to see me. I used to teach her english but, and not for lack of her trying, tended to ignore any other attemps getting me to go places with her. Slightly annoying to say the least. She, at a hundred miles an hour, went on and on about how she wanted to come and vist and see the house etc etc. I (stupidly) said she was welcome any time. So anyway, she turns up at 3 this afternoon with cake. Ten minutes after she arrives, Granny K's younger sister and her husband arrive, followed ten minutes later by prune protien woman. Quite a full on afternoon.

I am procrastinating from sorting out my english class stuff which is in chaos. Four new students started yesterday. YAY. my english now pays for all of S's kindy fees. AND MORE - possibly even a few trips to starbucs a month now that his fees have been cut in half - at least thats what I think the letter that arrived today from the city office says. Can't figure out the reason exactly but who cares. Five hundred a month down to two fifty. Not complaining.

Right, better get some of this sorted out.


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Skinny Tree

The mighty tree! So big and bushy that the shade it produces means the grass to the top of the picture is greener. Ahem.

I wonder if Granny K ever regrets some of the dribble that comes out of her mouth. Hmm, that was a bit over the top. Wonder if foreign daughter in law believed any of it! Not a chance GK. Old wives tales have a completely new meaning when you are the old wife telling them.

Took M to the mothers and kiddies play group at the town center this morning. It sometimes gets embarrasing having people going on about how cute she is, how lovely and pale she is (bring on the natural glow suzanne) rah rah. Half the time people don't even see past the 'foreign-ness'. I am getting better at returning the compliments but sometimes... I mean I do have a cute baby. There were loads of people there today. I have bought home a cup-cake shapped wall card to write M's name, birthday, favorite food (la leche de la booby), favorite game (la stretche de la nipple de la booby) etc etc. I will probably write mashed banana and peek a boo though.

Granny K looked after M while I took S in for his polio vaccination. It was an oral dose of sweet flavored stuff which he downed in one. Think he only has one more shot left and then thats for a few years until the booster shots before primary school. We got home at about two so not much point in taking him back to kindy. Had a nap and then Solar panel man's son Tyson and another girl his age came to play. S hasn't played with them since before he started kindy so was interesting to see the dynamics again. No tears or hitting, or even pretending to hit. There was a bit of S saying 'here you go' with one of his toys while he was fiercely holding onto it. All fun and games though.

Hub was late home from work again but the kids were good for the whole dinner and bath drama. M did go to sleep before seven though so getting ready for an unsettled night. S went down holding 'lightening McQueen' from cars but swapped it shortly after for his glow worm - which was actually a prezzie for M but which S has adopted.

Anyway, better get things ready for tomorrow. It is S's start of the school year kindy ceremony. They try and get as many parents as possible to go so they can delegate roles and discuss upcoming outings etc. Joy joy.

Over and out


Monday, 7 April 2008

K Logic

Granny K, M and I went to see the first great grandchild on Saturday. We went via the shops to buy a gift - during which M got fondled by random shoppers and a bus tour group of seventy year old grannies - Granny K, who was about ten feet away at the next shop felt she had to come over and exercise her 'this is my beautiful grandchild' rights. M got a temperature yesterday and a light case of the runs - which Granny K put down to too much action on the Saturday.

Great grandchild was lovely and looks just like his dad - apparantly. Granny K and I have only ever met the man once, at their wedding last year. The baby, a boy called Rintaro, has more hair on his head than S does now - at nearly two. M got mauled again on the way out of the birthing clinic - by the nurses, who kept looking at the size of her head and at me. One finally got up the courage to ask if that thing actually came out naturally or did I have a C-Section. I did the whole can't speak Japanese very well thing and just commented with a 'aah, gaijin very stretchy'. Then it was off home.

Our being out all day, and S being at kindy, left a rather hungover hub to sleep most of the day, although I did ask him to check the ferret traps. Did I mention we put a couple of big mouse catcher sticky pad things up in the roof? If they sold them big enough I would buy one and put it outside the builders house in the middle of the night. Anyway, hub was far too hungover to get into the roof to check them. Thinking about it now, I haven't heard any ferret-ish sounding noises for a couple of days now. Excellent, we now have a dead ferret in the roof. Must send the man up this weekend.

M's temperature on Sunday had us tripping to the hospital while Granny K ran round after S for a few hours. Doc reckoned the temperature probably didn't have anything to do with her bladder/kidney problem - although she did do a blood test and urine test to be on the safe side. Poor wee M, she has seen more of the inside of a hospital in the last five and a half months than I have in thirty years.

Got home to S and a very scratched chin - from face-planting the concrete path. Got to happen really. Can't turn two properly until you have face planted the footpath, slammed your big head into a few walls, fallen out of your cot, choked from swallowing too much bath water...

Today M and I had a very lazy day. We had a morning and an afternoon nap together - soemthing that hasn't happened since she was about a month old. I passed out pretty much straight away so must have been more tired than I thought.

I still haven't taken a photo of the fishies so think will flag that idea and wait until ours are up, which will hopefully be this weekend. Think I should take a photo of the very skinny tree in our garden - which apparently is the reason why half the grass is greener than the other. The greener grass has had more shade - because of the tree. This is logic according to Granny K. But for full amusement you will need to see the tree in question.

Right, off to make some apple shortcake squares. Bought some apples today and after having one this arvo think they are probably better being used asap.


PS - Another bit of Granny K logic I got today was about putting M in the jolly jumper. S was in it at five months and they can be used once your baby can hold his/ner head up. M however, who I must admit is still a bit puzzled by it all after only her second try today, shoudln't be put in it because a) her legs aren't strong enough and b) she'll get a headache.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Another Shou

Yesterday I took M to meet another Shou. He is a month older than her and with two older sisters constantly trying to dress him up he seemed to be tickled pink with the attention of a younger woman. Even if she gave more attention to trying to stuff as much of her hand as possible into her mouth than she did to him! I went to their house to drop off a flying fish for their fishy poles that they put up last week in celebration of their Shous first children's day. I think ours are going up on Sunday but it depends on the weather. Should probably fish them out from under the stairs.

I got hub to ring up the police station to say we couldn't find, as expected, either the video or the imaginary pillow bit for the car seat. I was too scared. No doubt both things will turn up at some random time in some random place.

Hub is at his drinking thing in the city tonight. The bowling competition tomorrow has been cancelled but doesn't matter either way now as am taking Granny K to see her first great grandchild in Oita tomorrow. Our Niece had a boy yesterday morning so Granny K, M and I are going to spend the day shopping for a gift and visiting her in the hospital. We are leaving at the same time I drop S off at kindy so if I was really on to it I would be getting things sorted out tonight - but I just canne not do it. Too tired.

Think I will take a glass of vino and a book upstairs and then sleep in blissful slumber without thy snoring husband beside me until either one of or both of the kids decides to wake me up. M just had a feed so hopefully she gives me at least four hours so that the glass of vino has travelled below the boobs by the time she needs another feed - and if not at least maybe it will mean I get a good sleep out of her after the next feed! Am not liking the five thirty am starts to the day.

Right, off to rummage through the draws for the cork screw - NOT. It has pride of place stuck to the fridge.

Oooh, satelite is playing Beverly Hills Cop again. Is ALMOST worth staying up for - specailly as nearly know some of the lines.


Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Well I didn't spend all afternoon eating chocolate and feeling sorry for myself - although I did get a bit of a telling of from the silly hag at the police station. Yes, the seat did come with an instruction video and also a cushion thing that I hadn't been told about yesterday. Who in their right mind lends a five month pregnant woman with an eleven month old a child seat with ALL the bloody trimmings and a friggen video. AND expect that they get everything back. Absolutely not going to happen woman. So, I got sent home again and told to come back after I had found the video and pretend cushion thing. They almost insisted I take the whole seat back home with me until I had the complete set to hand back to them. Juggling five month old M on my hip I calmly suggested that perhaps I leave the 15kg car seat with them seeing as I had already wrapped it up and bought it into the police station.

Arrrghhhh... there is no video and no cushion within 100 metres of this house. Can I get away with just never going back. I bet she has already written a clause into the car seat lending agreement that states no foreigners - due to frequent loss of cushion and audio visual tapes and discrepencies between what accounts for a clean carseat - case in question had a few raisins and ten month old twisties stuck down the stupid holes where the belt comes through.

Anyway, enough about raisins and twisties. I did go to see the fishies but forgot my camera so that will have to wait until tomorrow - if I have the time that is in between cleaning up all the shite from all the cupboards that got trashed this afternoon while I was looking for the missing video and cushion.

Had my five very hyperactive junior high school kids for english this evening. I think they spent the entire hour taking the piss. And if we didn't actually get quite a bit done I would get serious with them. Surprising how much they take in. One of the boys mums dropped them off and at the same time gave me a very cute pink baby kimono thing with domes down the front and a side tie. Very cute. Maybe she realises how much grief her son gives me every wednesday night from 8 to 9.

Just going to watch the end of dreamgirls and then its over and out. There is a Japanese commedian who is on the way up for her impression of Beyonce doing one of the songs in the movie. She is excellent. Great laugh.


Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Tai tai

Hub has been working late a bit lately so doing the dinner, bath and bed routines with S and M tires me out so much I haven't been getting onto the computer. Think I am missing the point of a blog a bit so will try and be a bit more studious in my efforts.

I turned the house upside down today looking for a safety video that supposedly came with the car seat we hired from the police station last year. It has to be returned by tomorrow. I went today (the next town over) and got told there should be a video with it. Hmmmm... I haven't got a particularly good memory on the best of days but damned if I can remember there being a vid with it. Ah well, will pack up all the bits I have got and go back tomorrow.

It was solar panal man's son's first birthday today. They put up thier flying fish this afternoon. Think we are putting ours back up on saturday. The grass is knee high in the paddy where our poles are (this will make more sense when you see a pic). Guess I should sort out the 16 fish that are boxed away upstairs so they can be hoisted up again for April and May. At least this year S will have more of an idea. He can say 'tai tai' which I guess would be like saying 'fishy' in english. He has quite an english vocab now...

cheers, car, please, fishy, booby, yummy, yucky, baby, tv, bob (as in the builder)

Almost enough words to have an intelligent male converstation, especially if I teach him beer next.

Tried M on some spud and pumpkin mash today - not a happy bunny about that. Might have to make it a bit tastier with some kumara for tomorrow. S ate everything that appeared in front of him - including a good few pages of the New Zealand Listener, so I just presumed M would be the same. I might have to be a bit more resourceful this time round. The banana and peaches she got the other day prompted Granny K to tell me that I shouldn't give her sweet stuff first or she will NEVER eat anything else. I should be giving her watered down rice. Rightio then. Will do. Go and clean up your kitchen or something else productive, like trying to clear some floor space to vaccuum. Scratch scratch, claw claw.

Off to bed with a cuppa and a couple of chapters of my book.

Will go and look at Tyson's (solar panal man's son) fish tomorrow and take pic - unless I get so bollocked by the police station for not returning the car seat with the video that I have to come straight home to wallow (sp??? down at the hollow)with chocolate, coffee and an afternoon nap in the sun.