Saturday, 22 March 2008

Shou's Shoes

Two days in a row! I think I'm getting back into the swing of things.

The kids - all three of them - are in bed and I even think Granny K has turned in for the night. She was shouting in to her phone at a million decibels before because she had her hair dying net plastic thing over her head.

Hub and I were meant to be going out to celebrate his not transferring but S must have had his mummy and daddy want to sneak out the door radar on. He didn't get to sleep until half eight so we called off the romantic candle lit dinner a the okonomiyaki place down the road and I went to the dairy for some drinkies and whatever they had left by way of dinner type food - which ended up being cheese slices, ham and bread. YES! Love those cheese and ham toasties. So, not quite the dinner I was expecting. Now, an hour later, I am the only one up and wondering do I stay up and do the CSI, Greys Annatomy and Project Runway marathon TV watch or go to bed for cuddles. M is pretty in tune with things so she will probably wake me up at about five minutes before project runway starts so then I can see the designer bitching while I am feeding her - in the dark and probably more like lip reading so the volume doesn't wake her up.

We went to the city today to do a spot of shopping and to see our neice who is due in about a week. She is a very skinny wee thing and was a bit depressed at having put on 13 kilos over the past nine months. no sympathy from me - I put on 13 for S and 15 for M and I can guarantee I wasn't 45kgs before I started. I asked her if her husband was going to be in for the birth - still not an entirelly OK thing for a lot of Japanese women. She is obviously one of them. Far too embarrasing. Her husband is being bannished to pace the hallway while she pants and pushes it out alone - she doesn't even want her mother in there to wipe her brow and give her sips of water! I am in shock. I think a father has a right to see his child being born - but no right ever there after to comment on anything that happend during the birth and NEVER to comment on a mother's body parts thats are that way due to birth - Hub decided to tell me my spongy tum tum looked like an elephant. He then double tracked extremely fast and said, but a very cute elephant - like the disney one. Thanks for that darling.

Five minutes till CSI, might watch one - new york or miami I think and then go up to bed - and if hub is lucky he'll get a bit of elephant tummy action.



tj-injapan said...

shou is such a cutie!

must ask - how are you watching all those tv shows? do you have cable or something? the only english show i have seen on normal tv lately is "Hannah Montana" I think it is on about 7pm weeknights?? am I missing something here?

happy easter to you guys.

gaijin wife said...

We have BS - chanel nine has loads of crime TV - usually on late as though, although reruns sometimes on earlier - usually around getting tea ready time though. All and all probably men deciding the schedule for the best TV.

Midori said...

I am a big fan of CSI NY personally. Eddie Cahill is yummy!!!