Saturday, 1 March 2008

Man Cold

As predicted Hub was out of action all day today with his life threatening man cold. Doctors should study it at med school and research why it is that a man cold is so much worse than a woman cold. Of course they would make the findings that no wonder a woman doesn't go round bleating about a sore throat and a cough, that's nothing compared to a contraction. Why, half the woman population could go around with a few broken ribs and not complain. Hub on the other hand had to go to the hospital for some pills and potions, none of which he knows is exactly what for but all of which are no doubt stopping him from dying a slow death. At about seven this evening he then comes down stairs for a brief minute to say that he is going to work tomorrow - on a sunday. To which I replied that if he was planning on working until exactly after the kids had gone to bed then he could work all bloody night.

He got all snotty and declared that I wasn't giving him enough TLC while he was sick - excuse me!! I took the baby out of the house for three hours so he could sleep uninteruppted. I bought him cake - because he requested something sweet. I suggested a lemon honey drink and some kiwifruit but he asked for cake. Go figure. I made him dinner which he said he couldn't eat. Too sick. And, and, and I played mummy and daddy for the whole day. Granny K was a bit poorly too but I draw the line at having to play Granny K.

So, S goes to bed - sweet little angel that he is. No fighting the sleep tonight. It is then that we realise M has a temperature of 39 degrees - if she keeps this up she's not going to have any face left.

I drive the hour to the hospital. The doctor - one of the two she has seen - says that M has an impressive file for a four month old baby. I said she has an even more impressive one in Fukuoka. Her temp has gone down a bit but her hacking cough is a bit of a worry and doc is worried that it might turn into broncholitis. Yay, yay, joy, joy. We got sent home with some drugs and instructions on what to look out for - fits of coughing, no appetite, rah rah. We have to go back on Monday for a chest x-ray. Any sign of the lungs taking a bit of a beating and we have to stay in hospital for a few days. Excellent. Cancel next weeks english lessons too, turn down any translation jobs and sign up for selling myself on the street corner next weekend to pay for this months kindy fees for S.

To be honest, M is a very genki baby - genki is Japanese for lively, cherry, joley good old chap. Yet I still find myself driving to the hospital at least once a fortnight. If there was a cute doctor there Hub might start getting jealous. Hell, if there was a cute doctor there I might find myself going every week.

She has just gone down after her drug session. She is getting good at taking meddy - as you would if you had to take it every day since you were a week old. I have made the futon up next to her bed. I was up and down the stairs about five times last night. May as well save myself the trips tonight. Although all that stair work might make my face thinner - lord knows I haven't got the time to get a temperature.


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