Sunday, 9 March 2008

Auto Pilot

Hub is sitting on the floor ironing his shirts for the next week and watching the 007 film on sky. He irons all his winter work shirts because, well, quite frankly, I hate ironing shirts - give me a pile of hankies any day. I said I might be able to cope with his summer shirts, like in the old days when love blinded me even into ironing. He never misses an opportunity to tell people about it - I have gotten over my usual response which was well I cook your meals, make your bed, put your clothes away, make your lunch, clean your toilet, and put up with your mother. Now I just enjoy that he irons while I surf the internet.

Things have been a bit hectic of late and auto pilot had to kick in a few days this week. All the drugs that M is taking don't seem to be getting rid of her hacking cough although it doesn't seem to be waking her up at night so much now. S still seems to think the middle of the night is a fun time to nut out and letting him cry it out doesn't seem to work - 40 minutes the other night of crying and nearer the end screaming blue murder. I'm surprised the deaf lady next door didn't question us about it this morning.

Hub, M and I went on a date yesterday after we dropped S at kindy - his favortie teacher was there so no doubt he was much more excited about spending a day with her than a day with his mum, dad and little sister. We went to our favorite revolving sushi shop. M was very well behaved and charmed the pants off the waitress who had to keep coming over to tell us different orders and specials just so she could coochy coo with M. We then went shopping to but S stuff for his big boys bed. Just need to get online and find a thomas the tank engine bed cover.

Hub bought him a matchbox sports car which of course S then had to demand he sleep with. When I went in this morning he had the sports car in one hand and his 'things that go' board book in the other. He no doubt spent his night dreaming about being knight rider.

I still haven't gotten around to putting M's hina dolls away. I originally thought this meant she wouldn't be able to get married but now I have been told it just means she won't be eloping with some tatooed yakuza wannabe at 18. The longer you leave the dolls out ofter the cut-off date the more 'mature' your daughter will be when she gets married. I better put them away tomorrow though or I might be dooming her to forty years of singledom.

Off to bed with a new danielle steel - I got sent a box of second hand books, the first of which I manged to inhale this weekend somehow. Considering S, M and I were at home all day today with it raining outside I don't know really where I found the time. No doubt I will be able to re-read the same book in a couple of months and find new bits of information.

Might have to take a cuppa to bed too. Last night I went to bed at eight with a tea and a book. Hub asked me where I was going with a cup of tea. The concept of tea in bed with a book is lost on most Japanese people. Breakfast in bed is unheard of. I'm sure I can introduced it slowly though - especially if I say I don't need anything for mother's days or birthdays - just breakfast in bed and an hour of peace!


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