Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Grand Hyatt

It is after nights like last night that the idea of Hub and I having separate rooms doesn't seem so bad. He can have the one we are in now - and mine can be in the executive suite at the Grand Hyatt in perhaps Tuscany, maybe Paris, and at a push I would settle for Hawaii.

M woke up 6 times in 8 hours last night. S woke up twice - went straight back to sleep one time and the other he nutted out for twenty minutes before tiring himself out to sleep. Don't worry, I did go and check to make sure his head wasn't stuck between the bars of his cot or something. M still has a cough so a couple of times she coughed herself awake. After a nighttime of feeds my boobs felt and looked very similar to woman of african tribe. Definately closer to my knees, floppy, and in need of something made out of metel to get them into any shape resembling boobs again.

On top of the kids, hub had to be jabbed in the back a few times to stop snoring. I am a light sleeper and while I thought I had gotten better at going to sleep last night was a complete right off and today I think I am running on auto-pilot. We were ALL up at ten to six. S, to his credit, was very well berhaved and could perhaps sense that mummy wasn't really mummy at all this morning. Hub, to his credit, was also very well berhaved and could perhaps sense that wifey wouldn't be wifey for much longer if he didn't help a lot after nights like last night.

In between boiling the kettle five times because I kept remembering I needed coffee but kept getting side-tracked by smelly nappies and trying to get five types of meddy into M without her spitting them back up, I somehow managed to make Hub's lunch. It still astonishes me sometimes how the women of this country put up with it. What about 41 year old man and bread, butter and jam do not go together?? Why do they need a wife/mother to make an intricate obento lunch box with egg roll in nice little red checked paper cups, beside sausage, beside springroll, beside spinnach and bacon in seaseme oil and black pepper? I am disgusted that I have actually joined these ranks. And, to be perfectly honest, on days when I have had a bit more sleep I actually enjoy trying to arrange everything perfectly in the lunch box. Four years at university are finally starting to pay off.

Granny K has expressed a desire to buy M a doll for girls day. I am presuming she means a doll like a cabbage patch kid or a barbie - and not some ceramic thing in a silk dress posed inside a glass box. Due to the argh, lack of doll shops in Kunimi, I am taking her to a department store a couple of towns over. She has pottery this morning so we are going on our good daughter in law outing this afternoon. For someone who spends half the day telling me to wrap M in more blankets and to not take her out and about, she seems to need to get out and about herself quite a lot - which of course means me driving her and M tagging along in the back for want of not leaving her home alone.

I have english class this evening - after a six month break. Will be good to get back into it again. I better get to sorting the lesson out.


tash said...

k must have gone out in sympathy - we had a bad night too. not that that is unusual for us though. I am past the stage of counting how many awakes she has, and now just run on auto-pilot (or auto-booby!?).

I know you said that you never had a sleep problem with S, so perhaps M is only going through a stage now that she is sick, so feel free to take the following with grain of salt, or tablespoon of salt, whatever the case may be: you might wanna have a look at this site,
for info about the no-cry sleep solution, by Elizabeth Pantley. I have the book, and would love to say that I will send it to you, but I am still living in hope that just by having it here in the house, k will somehow metamorphasize into a good sleeper (lol). It might not be needed, but I wonder if perhaps I had of started a bit earlier with K, she might be a better sleeper? I read the book when she was about 8 months and already a mess of a sleeper. And, crying-it-out is not an option - K doesn't understand the concept of "settling down" to sleep....not that the ncss seems to have helped *much* anyway. (sigh)

oh, btw, I have followed your lead, and started blogging too.

illahee said...

grrr, bento. when DH and i first moved in together, i wasn't working so i would make his bento. after five or so months, though, i started working full time and i refused to make his bento. who made mine?? it was especially hard because i was in eikaiwa, in the next city over (which was three towns away) and so i got home after ten every night. maybe not so bad in most cases, but at the time yoshi was farming and had to get up and leave by four or five am. sorry baby, i ain't making your lunch. to this day, he makes his own bento, bless him.