Monday, 17 March 2008

Time for Bed

The Govenor's wife decided to show up unexpectedly at nine this morning. Oooh, hello wife of man in charge of Oita prefecture. Please come in to my very messy house! Strategically remove bra and granny undies from arm of couch.

Actually she is very very lovely, has spent many years oversears - hence the air kisses when she arrived and Granny K coming out of her room and just about doubling over in trying to bow herself down to the floor. I used to teach her English if you are wondering why I am hob nobbing with the rich and famous of Oita. Anyway, her unexpected visit has made me realise the importance of keeping a beautiful house. Haha, something I will try and actually implement in the year 2015.

Granny K did pat herself on the back though - she cleaned up the entrance way about ten minutes before she arrived. The entrance way that, as you would expect, was a bit of a rightoff after mummy, daddy and shou passed though in the space of ten seconds.

I seemed to have made a bit of headway into my translation, and am thinking it will probably get finished on time - given no viruses or coughs decide to torment us between now and friday!! I am off to the hospital tomorrow to give back the steam machine. We only ended up using it twice. M's cough seems to have almost gone. Before the hospital we are going to a friends house for a cuppa - the same friend who had the fancy dress party yesterday. Shou, unfortunately, did not make it out of the house as Buzz Lightyear. We had a few issues, read as nutting out on the floor, in desparate need of medication type nutting out.

The party was all good - although S got a bit shy at the start, what with being the only man in a room of older women - six year old girls dressed as princesses! All, a bit overwhelming until i convinced him to come and have some chocolate and strawberries. At only one and a half he wasn't really into pin the crown on the princess or musical cushions. Hub took him outside to play in some mud - yes!!! love that!! bring on the mud daddy!

Right, off to strategically remove a beer from the fridge. Hub seems to have a bed clock of a six year old. In bed by 8 and asleep by 8:01.


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