Saturday, 15 March 2008

Going Solar

Finally... some time to procrastinate from translating, washing, and looking after sick children. Well actually in middle of translation but CSI got me sidetracked for an hour and now my head isn't in a 'core competency and radical innovation' mode. Funny that.

Our solar panel went active three days ago, and since we have had one gloriously solar electrical abundance day followed by two days of pissing rain. The counter in the kitchen has reached up to 4,000 which was quite exciting, and which would be even more exciting if I knew what it meant. We had a power cut followed by rain followed by no movement on the counter so solar panel man had to come round to make sure everything was OK, and we hadn't whacked 30 solar panels on our roof for nothing.

A few trips to the doctor since my last post has revealed that M has a very slight form of asthma. The doctor said we should maybe stay in hospital a night or two but, and I don't know how I, the person who has copies of all her bankbooks, passports and marriage certificates (only 1), in her emergency earthquake kit by the front door, ended up arriving at the hospital without my hospital bag. Of late it has been such a permanent fixture in the car that I am getting used to surviving on a half supply of underwear, toiletries and kitchenware. Truth be known I only had a knife, fork, mug and teatowl in there though and I have been able to manage without them. I wonder why I took it out - M must have had a couple of good days where she lulled me into a false sense of security - thinking that she was all better.

Anyway, lack of bag meant doctor said we could go home and monitor it from there - but only if we took one of their 10kg vaporisor steam things to use when she had a coughing fit - that I then had to carry, along with baby and baby parephenalia (not winning any speeling bees), to my car which, out of very bad luck, was parked at the very end of car park number 123 and in the rain. Umbrella you say? Left me go go gadget arms at home.

We are all off to a fancy dress party tomorrow. Another gaijin wife friend is having a birthday party for her six year old daughter. She is having a princess (beauty) and beasts theme. S is the only boy going I think and I have been asked to bring him in beast costume. For lack of anything even remotely hairy looking S will be arriving tomorrow dressed as Buzz Lightyear from ToyStory. Not very beastly but if he does one of his clasic nut-outs we might be getting close. The party is about five minutes away from M's hospital, just in case.

S has quite a vocab now and if I absorbed Japanese words ay even half the rate he is I would have a better leg to stand on for arguing with hub. Far too much reading between the lines has to be done - and probably only on my part because I think all men missed that bit of dna. Reading? who?? what?? Lines?? what lines? I don't see any lines. Our 'disagreement' last night was quite spectactular. Hub knows I am getting to boiling point when I start throwing round english swearwords. In the end I had to quite loudly place the remote on the table (control panel cover flies accross room) and tell him to piss off (an english phrases he knows well) and go to bed because I had very important work to do on translating core comeptencies and radical innovations. He went upstairs, and I got a chuhai out of the fridge and watched some CSI - far too worked up to translate. I did have a think though and realised that, while the way he said it wasn't called for and he was still exagerating, I had been being just a tad unreasonable.

I ate some humble pie this morning and appologized, saying that I would try to appreciate him more - he basically expects a bit more appreciation for staying late at a job that he admitted to hating. He said he would quit tomorrow if I had a job that covered everything including the probably quite substantial retirement payout he will get when he turns sixty. sigh. I can't fit into any of my low cut and sexy tops anymore so that's out, and am not sure what else would net me that much cash in rural Japan. Perhaps I could start a tractor drivers and raddish growers Union, or become a professional boar hunter. Did you know the town office gives you 200 dollars for every pig tail that you get by killing a pig that was on your property - or rather running havoc over your fields.

Or, I should just stick to translating so I can get a bit of extra cash to pay for S's kindy fees and use the leftovers for real coffee and english magazines. Considering the nearest starbucs is two hours away and the nearest bookstore with english literature is three, I don't need much pocketmoney.

Off to bed - but no doubt only for a couple of hours before M decides she needs to cough so much she needs a face full of steam.


Oh, nearly forgot, pic is of S in his superman PJs that solar panel man and his wife bought him back from their recent trip to hong kong - no doubt funded by our recently installed solar panels.

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