Monday, 3 March 2008

Girls Day

Have you ever tried to get your child and eight thomas the tank engines to kindy? Not an easy task. First you wonder where so many trains came from, and then why S has to want ALL of them right NOW. You make it to the door and then there are a few tears and drops and pick ups while you put on the jacket and gumboots. Getting to the car you somehow manage to lose a couple of carriages - but this is a good thing because S hasn't seemed to notice. You then purposefully take one off him so you can use it to bribe him into sitting in his car seat. You tell him that he has to leave them in the car when you get to kindy. He nods and says OK - you may as well have told him he has to gift all his earnings for the next fifty years to you and your pension fund. When you get to kindy, you manage to get him out of the car with only a train in each hand. On the walk from the car to the gate you strategically pry one out of his hand as he tries to turn on a tap - that from recollection wasn't there yesterday. When you reach the gate you kindly ask S for the last train. He says no. You then ask him that wouldn't it be nice if he gave his train to the teacher (his favorite teacher). He nods and says yes and hands her the train - and then she passes it to you. You wish S's favorite teacher was your live in nanny.
When you get home you realise that you had to bribe your son five times just to get him to kindy.

But anyway, I digress, today wasn't about S. Today was Girl's Day, starring M. We had to make a quick stop at the hospital this morning. I had packed an overnight bag but luckily her one packet a day cough had calmed down to about a three a day cough. We came home via the supermarket to get supplies to make a nice Girl's Day dinner. All of which M will only get second hand through me, but still, start as you plan to go on.

Granny K joined in the festivites by making some sushi rice. She took S into her room to 'help' her put the rice onto the separate plates. Next thing, S is back in the lounge with his own plate which Granny K had given him to bring in. Now, to those unseasoned parents - you do not give a one and a half year old a plate of rice with wonderful toppings to take anyway. Luckily we don't have carpet so the aftermath just involved a cloth and me crawling on my knees down the length of the corridor.

M jiggled round on her bouncer full of smiles while we had her celebratory dinner. After daddy bath time we had some cake - see pic. I have saved the plastic decorations so I can stick them on a home - made cake next year.

I have to put away the girl's day dolls that are on display tomorrow - they have to be away by wednesday or else M will never get married! You gotta love Japan really. who thinks of this shite!

Right, off to put the rice on for hubs lunch tomorrow. Easy as just need to fill lunchbox with left over fried chicken, potato salad and veges.


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tash said...

You are such a good mummy - the cake looks delish. we did nothing for hinamatsuri yesterday. I rang up the PIL before to see when I should go over to help put away the 7 tier hina-doll display they put up for K at their house. figured I'd better try to be a good DIL for once. we are going over tomorrow, probably stay for dinner too. might be the best feed we have this