Monday, 24 March 2008


Nearly five months already!! It seems both fast and slow. Fast when I look at M and she is all smiles and giggles but slow when I think about the number of times we have tripped to the hospital.

She slept A LOT today and we are having an up down routine trying to get her to sleep at the moment. Might have to do the old 'booby in the mouth to sleep trick' again.

ten minutes later.... asleep! Hub asked if he could get put to sleep like that too. Not after the elephant comment buddy.

We had lots of mummy and baby time today. Solar Panel man's wife and son came round this morning. They are going to come back on Sunday when S will be home. Wifey and I have pencilled in this friday for our shopping bananza to Beppu. It has been on the cards for months. No doubt a typhoon will come out of season or M will have a sniffle and Granny K will bannish us to the confines of the house.

This afternoon another friend and her six week old baby came over. Luckily I had whipped up a bacon and egg pie and some fudge this morning so visiters were well fed. Her husband is also a once round the block with two kids man. Although he is even older than hub, and his kids both have their own kids. Wifey is the same age as me! Which really still doesn't help unless you know how old I am! Hmmmm, did I put that in my profile? For the record I am 18 with boobs like a 31 year old with two breastfed children.

Hub has just pulled out of the bag that he has a farewell party on the 4th of April in Beppu -for the people in his office who are getting transferred. I figured there would be a farewell bash but why do they have to go all the friggin way to Beppu, stay the night and top it off with a bloody bowling competition the next day - hungover as hell. This seems to be a standard rural Japan drinking bash night out. What annoys me, is that they are all expected to fork out a total of what will probably be about 200 dollars for far too much piss to farewell a woman, whose husband is in china on a contract for three years so, while the cat's away and all that..., she is shagging a man with a wife and three small children - who just happens to be the one in charge of deciding who gets transferred. She is getting transferred to the main office which, incidentally, is where lover boy is - a two minute jog up the stairs in fact. I teach this woman's child english on thursday afternoons. I am not impressed but do find it slightly amusing that the two in question seem to think nobody knows what is going on.

Hub is an avid gossiper and I think he has already sought out an informant from the office she has been transferred to. Apparantly the two of them have the same coffee mugs at work. AND, and I might have mentioned this before, his wife is her daughters second grade teacher. Love it. Bring it on. Dallas in rural Japan. Doesn't get better than this.

Oooh, a Top Cops type program has just come on. Tokyo police chasing after yakuza wannabes on souped up nifty fiftys. All Japanese TV programs I watch I put down to Japanese study, so doesn't count as my number of hours watched per day. Pity they don't have Ricky Lake in Japanese - although then she would probably be Licky Rake... Go Licky, Go Licky, Go Licky.

Night night campers.



tj-injapan said...

I see your layout has changed, but still no luck with the ticker(lol)???

Midori said...

LMAO at the gossip! Makes me laugh how everyone in Japan thinks they are getting away with things but really EVERYBODY knows!! ;-)