Thursday, 27 March 2008

Hot Granny K

I think a toddler in a washing basket is almost as cute as a baby in a flower pot! Despite a hairstyle of a thirty year old with premature balding.

Took Granny K to the hospital this morning. She goes at random intervals to get drugs for her bung knee. The hospital's main clientele are over seventies so the ladies on reception make everyone take a blood pressure test. Granny K's was so high that she didn't even make it to the doctor to talk about her knee! She probably told the nurses it was the stress of living with a foreign daughter in law. I rang to tell her I had finished the shopping and was waiting in the carpark and how long did she think she would be? She said the nurses were making her have a drip for thirty minutes. Apparantly in the middle of it she got a phone call telling her that her brother in law had died - to which she responded by going off the chart with an over 200 blood pressure. She was definately looking flushed when she came out - so either the drip didn't have much of an effect or her sixty year old doctor had his top button undone.

Her cousin is coming to pick her up at half five tomorrow morning to take her to the funeral which is a good three hours drive away. It doesn't start till lunch time but you know, better to be on the safe side.

M and I are FINALLY off to Beppu tomorrow for our day out with solar panel man's wife and son Tyson. Unless of course one of the kids gets some freak vomitting bug in the middle of the night. Highly possible but I do have all my fingers and toes crossed. If that does happen then I am going to get online and spend the projected amount of money I would have spent in Beppu on lamb chops, cheese and sav blanc from a shop in Tokyo.

Am not even switching to BS to see if there is any CSI on tonight. Face... needs.... pillow... needs... beauty sleep.


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