Monday, 25 February 2008

Spare Parts

Here is M in her get-up drugged from sleeping meddy and waiting to be wheeled away for her big test that required a full anaesthetic. Wednesay was madness with M being whisked here there and everywhere - or more specifically MRI, CR, Echo, X-Rays, Blood, Pee, ... rah rah you name it and she was strapped down to it - naked, save a winnie the pooh nappy. On thursday we only had the one test and on Friday we got to twiddle our thumbs because Hub couldn't come and get us until Saturday.

The hospital was great and I feel a lot more relieved knowing that they have a lot of experience with Reflux related operations. Nearly half of the kids in our ward were in for similar operations. One 10 month old baby had an operation to keep her hanging in there until she reaches 10 kgs - the majic number for being able to get one of her mother's kidneys. SO.... yes, everything has been put into perspective!

It appears that while in utero M started making some spare parts. She has nearly two (they are joined at the top/bottom) kidneys on her right side. Her left side is fine and overall the two and a half kidneys have 100% kidney functional. The funny one on the right though has a ureter that is joined to the bladder in a funny place and causing the reflux. The doctor is going to get in there and reattach it. Then, if that doesn't stop the reflux they will just whip the kidney out and leave her still with over 90% functionality. Not all good, but better than we first feared.
The operation will probably be in about the end of August and will mean a two week hospital stay. At least she will celebrate her birthday with all her pee flowing the right way again.

Right - off to see if I can get away with taking her temperature without waking her up. She has a bit of a temperature and a slight smokers cough. Might have to go on a drive to the doctors tomorrow. All good though because the hospital is near a supermarket that apparantly sells New Zealand Whittikers Peanut Slabs. Obviously not the best food group for someone trying to lose the rest of the baby fat so she can reward herself with a new summer dress from Victorias Secret - but I have a feeling these particular peanut slabs are crying out for me to buy them.


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azumarisan said...

Hey Katy, if you ever need any Whittakers or anything NZish for that matter, i live not very far from "the kiwi shop", a big shopping centre that sells only food from NZ! I'd be happy to send over anything you require. :)
I know how it is to be over there craving stuff from home...