Saturday, 2 February 2008

Solar Panel Man

Went to see the specialist yesterday. I spoke some Japanese to him at the beginning so he knew I could speak Japanese, yet he still 'talked' to hubby the whole time. Got a bit silly when he ws talking to me through hubby and I was talking back. The youngest baby he has done the type of operation M will need was a ten month old. He said he wouldn't do it on a baby younger than that - but at the same time kept saying that the degree of M's VUR (Vesico Ureteral Reflux) is a five (worst) and that the longer we leave it the more damage her kidney will get. We got him to write a referral letter for the big children's hospital in Fukuoka. Going there on Wednesday.

Solar Panel Man and his wife came round for dinner last night. We had kimuchi nabe which is a hot pot with Korean spicey pickle sauce, pork, veges, mushies and I like putting cheese in it. Yum yum. Solar Panel Man got a bit sloshed - as did hub and me. Should have been signing solar panel papers later in the evening - as am sure I could have changed a seven to a one or something. As it happens though we are getting huge discount and they are starting in a week. Am feeling big surge of goodness at saying we make half our own electricity. How environmentally friendly!! save the planet and all that.

Forgot about the specially made triffles in the fridge and had to give them to them to take home. oops. M and S were both asleep by the time they arrived and M only woke up once for a bottle feed - where she chucked back 150 ml. She is still asleep but think might go in and ga ga and go go at her until she wakes up. Off shopping this morning but this arvo I need to knuckle down and translate a couple of business letters. rivetting stuff but what with the price of bloody petrol at the moment can't turn the work down. Fukuoka hospital is three and a half hours drive away and am sure we will be making a dent in that road over the next few months.

Happy weekending.


illahee said...

hi! first time commenter here. :)

the fukuoka children's hospital has limited parking, so it's always a good idea to get there early. also, if there are two adults, you can drop off the children and one adult at the front door, because you never know where you might end up parking. i pretty much liked the hospital, though. friendly nurses, and the doctor we saw spoke to me, too, not just my husband.

good luck with the hospital things and your baby. it can be quite scary.

azumarisan said...

Don't you just hate that talk to you through the husband thing?? I tried to do in rome as the romans do when i was in japan, and talked myself silly in Japanese so they knew i could speak japanese, yet they insisted on speaking to my husband to me, grrr and this was family that did it too!! And when *i* spoke to them, they didn't look at me but directed their answer to my question to hubby! Jeez. I swear when i go back if they do it to me again i will get up and leave...grrrr

Sometimes i just want to say "bloody japanese!" haha :)