Sunday, 10 February 2008


PJs - have been in mine ALL day. Don't think I've done that since varsity. Quite scodey really but completely understandable - kind of. S has been sick so we have been banned from braving the beautiful but cold outdoors today. Hub and Granny K think that only a bad mother would take their child outside if they had sniffles or give them a bath. Was a program on this evening about Germany or actually might have been Denmark - where a lot of mothers actually purposefully left their sleeping child outside in the pram for the afternoon nap. Better to breathe in the nice outside air than the stuffy inside air all day. Of course the kids were dressed in snow suits and zipped up to within an inch of their life but still.... outside.... in the cold.

Maybe I could start a new tradition in Japan where you wrap your mother in law up and zip her up to within an inch of her life and leave her outside all day. hmmmm. wonder if it will take on. From what I can gather even the Japanese women have trouble when it comes to living under the same roof as their mother in law - they just don't vocalize it so much! But as a woman I need to spew out a million words a day. Living in a different culture means I have the right to spew out twice as many words - presuming half are in Japanese. I tend to manage this quite easily most days.

I have just finished a translation on sugarcane and sustainable agriculture in the philippines. Surprising really that I am still awake to tell the tale. Actually am just about asleep at the keyboard. Best I head off to bed.

nighty night campers



illahee said...

i am a terrible mother--i take my children out all the time, unless they have a fever.

i'm all for leaving the MIL out all day...

Tigermama said...

I am LMAO at the image of mil`s zipped up and left outside! :) I`ll totally join that trend.