Wednesday, 27 February 2008


If I thought it was pouring last week then its a monoon this week and no doubt a typhoon hitting sometime next week. Docs visit yesterday resulted in M testing positive for influenza - something which the Japanese tend to get overly worked up about. She has had a fever for two days but that must have just about run its course. She still has her smokers cough but we got some absolutely heinous chinese herbal shite meddy for that which surprisingly she actually keeps down. Unlike after a huge feed last night when she thought she would see what it felt like to vomit out her nose. I got such a fright I rang the hospital just to check she wasn't going to die!

Hub has a runny nose so will no doubt be out of action for anything that involves the kids or house stuff for the next couple of days - he will of course be OK for work. After that, S will no doubt get it on about Sunday. Joy Joy. And here I was thinking three kids would be nice. Bugger that. Or at least need to get one out of nappies before another goes in.

Ooh, the seasoned smoker awakes. Time to wipe her down and give her some booby before I have to go and pick S up. Better take his new thomas bath toy that changes color in warm water - so that I can bribe him in to sitting in the car seat for long enough to buckle him in. What a mission.


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