Thursday, 28 February 2008

M is over her temperature and just dealing with her hacking cough now. S hasn't come down with it yet but Hub, as expected, now has a runny nose and a sore throat. He even said he might not go into to work on saturday - yay, family outing - not! He NEEDS to sleep all day. When have I, since the sprogs came along, or will I ever again, until they are 18 and leave home, be able to sleep ALL day?? In fairness he does do a lot to help but he does have to mention everything and as of yet, has never had to deal with both kids at once - ie while I go away for a day of beautifying and wine. Dr.eams are free.

Today was one of those days where you have a long list of things you want to tick off but which never really end up getting fully done - like the washing, that I got in off the line but left in a pile on the table / like the dishes that made it to the sink but not back into the cupboard.

M and I decided half way through the day that we needed a drive. Well, I decided and M decided not to complain. So, with the washing on the table and the dishes in the sink, we went on a date - via the store to get one of their yummy pie crust shu pastries (shu-cream). I got two - thinking that I would be nice wifey and give one to Hub after dinner, but... as soon as I was back in the car I knew it wouldn't last till dinner. They are just too good. The first one is just heaven, as is the first bite of the second one - but after that I start regretting it and realising that no amount of 'stepping' on my air climber is going to get rid of the extra 800 calories I've just consumed. Ahh, such is life.

When we got back Granny K decided to make an appearance. She pronounced that M's face has gotten thinner since she got her temperature two days ago. Chirst - if thats all it took to get a thinner face I would sit in a hot bath eating chilly peppers for a bloody week. Not quite sure if the chilly peppers would result in a skinny face but if not, than am sure they would help clear the system of bad toxins rah rah. Go Granny K!! love that theory.

The house is silent - everyone, including the granny, is asleep. I should probably head that way too. Another day of only half finishing housework tomorrow. - although truth be known I did manage to clean the bathroom and clean out the fireplace today. Tick those off my list.



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