Friday, 8 February 2008


I can tick off four things off my list for today. I am a bit of a list person but sometimes it can get out of control and I can spend more time making the list, checking the list and crossing things off the list than I do doing things on the list. Lists make me feel like I have accomplished something for the day. Usually they just have usual house stuff with a couple of non-day to day things like going to the post office or finishing a translation or, and this is something that has been on my list of things I don't want to do but really need to get done, cleaning the range hood above the stove top. Think that can wait another day. It's a very devious range hood. It still fools you because it looks as nice as it did two years ago but if you stand on a chair and look it is actually filthy. Just looking at it now. Might have to put range hood cleaner on my supermarket list for this afternoon. and maybe a pair of rubber gloves. Hmmm, think I can spy some tempura oil splatterings. Note to self, add chemical plant face mask to shopping list.

M is having an unusually long morning nap. Once she wakes up I think it will be off for a wee drive to see if I can convince someone they need a coffee and gossip, then its past the post office to pay for a baby rocker that a lady up north sent down yesterday. It is hard to find second hand things in Japan because Japanese people aren't really into the whole use something that has been someone elses thing. Fortunately I belong to a group of foreign wives here in Japan and there is a lot of swapping and passing things on. We do actually already have a baby bouncer but the one she was giving away was very cool, kind of spacey and really just a better interior design choice than the one we have. You can't rock rock rock your way to a better set of Abs, but you can rock rock rock your baby off to sleep in about five different reclining positions.

S came home from kindy with another war wound - but was completely his fault this time so not much sympathy, although truth be known he had forgotton about it by the time I picked him up. It was video time and all the kids were sitting on the mat. S felt the need to do star-jumps in front of the TV which obviously didn't get a very good response. He then turned the TV off and belted out of the room. One of the older women (3y) ran after him and lashed out. But what do you expect really. The moral of the story ... don't keep a woman for her wiggles - although no doubt Japanese version of wiggles.

Tis a long weekend this weekend. But then week days and weekends are pretty much the same with two kids under two. Pity I can't tell them to have a lie on on saturday morning - or that I'll give them a dollar if they bring me tea and toast in bed. 2 dollars if they can do it with out burning or dropping anything and 3 dollars if they can hose the kitchen down afterwards. Hub has work tomorrow but maybe on Sunday we will go on a family outing - I do get excited about loading everyone (minus granny K) in the car and leaving the borders of kunimi for some good ole fun for the whole family entertainment in the city. Of course the destination must be equipped with a change table in the toilets and a kiddies play area that will keep S amused for more than five minutes, and obviously a place with decent coffee.

Speaking of granny K - see photo. She has been exceptionally good these past couple of days. A great help in the evenings while Hub has to work late. While I still wish I could run round the house naked and sing Ace of Base songs at full pitch and not have to worry about running into Granny K on her way to the toilet, I am starting to realize that living with your mother in law does have some benefits, albeit benefits that I am sure we could still in enjoy if she was living next door.

Right, its nearly eleven. Better get things moving if I am going to go and scrounge a coffee and chat with someone before we hit lunchtime.


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