Friday, 29 February 2008


Really too tired to be on the computer. Can't believe I am about to call it a night and it's not even half past eight. Think a bit of husband maintainance is on the cards.

I was on a roll this morning. I had my day all planned out, including about thirty minutes to make lasagna for dinner - lasagna is my menue that I cook whenever I can't be bothered thinking of something more creative. I usually tend to have all the ingredients in the house, although today I somehow managed to start before realising I had no canned tomatoes and no bloody lasagna sheets. I had to SKIN seven tomatoes - this was a first for me. Luckily I had seen a program on telly saying that you bake them a bit first so the skins just fall off. It's true you know, the skins peel off so easily. The moral of the story being... believe everything you see on TV - and possibly in Cosmo. Or, perhaps a more approriate moral of the story could be to never run out of canned tomatos because peeling them yourselves is a right pain in the ass and a lot more hassel than opening a 103 yen can of tomatos.

The lack of lasagna sheets resulted in some shell pasta being thrown in with the meat sauce. As I was layering my white sauce with my sauce and pasta mix I thought that really it would have made more sense just to mix everything together first instead of layering slop after slop that just runs into each other. And who would have known -I don't think hub has ever really taken notice of my lasagna layering techniques before. Ah well, it was still tasty.

The kids both went down by eight and I had my first bath alone in ages. I usually get in with S for ten minutes and then Granny K brings in M and ten minutes later comes back to get her before S and I get out. If Granny K is pissing my off I do it all on my own. I used to be a bit uncomfortable about getting the boobs out to breast feed in front of Granny K - now though... what's the point really. So much easier if I can just hand M to her from the bath while not having to try and strategically drape a facecloth across my chest. That and the fact that a facecloth could probably only cover my pre-breastfeeding boobs. Aaaah, I remember them. They were the ones that used to fit into things properly and be that ever bit closer to my chin.

My ideal bathtime would be just me and a glass of chilled white wine and a book - preferablly some crappy chic lit that doesn't make you think too much - like Dan Brown. Definately not a bath book author. Tonight, however, I had to make do with a lemon chuhai and a sodoku - the only non-japanese book in the house that I hadn't read / finished! The bath was so hot that I think I can feel my face getting thinner!

Right, off to bed.



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illahee said...

hee hee, had to giggle about the face comment. hope you have a good sleep!

oh, and i peel tomatoes by cutting a small X on the bottom and the putting them in boiling water for a few seconds.