Tuesday, 19 February 2008

It's pouring

It doesn't rain it bloody well pours!
Tomorrow is the start of three days of tests for M at the children's hospital in Fukuoka. She has a bit of a cough but they still said we can come as planned. I got our stuff sorted this morning.

At about half three, while M and I were having a nap because we both got NO sleep last night, I got a call from the kindy saying S had the shits and a sore ear. Excellent. Off we go to pick him up, and because he has the glassy eye thing going on decide to take him to see his doctor - an hour and a half away. Go and rouse Granny K from her tea-time at the temple next door because as usual, her mobile phone is sitting on her bed. She looks after M while S and I go on our road trip to the docs.

Decide to take the motorway to save a bit of time. Couldn't see the presence of a mullet or not to confirm whether the driver was indeed from Germany, but christ he sure thought he was on the Autoban. Driving like a lunitic on my 80km an hour rural motorway. I was driving at a rebelious 95 but he must have been going at least 140. I know have 8 lives left - actually make that 7, I am sure I must have used one up at varsity somewhere along the way.

Anyway, S got some medicine squirted in his ear and a prescription for meddy to take his temperature down. He went to sleep as soon as his big head hit the pillow. Am hoping meddy works and hub doesn't have to take another day off on thursday to take him to the doctors again.

Aaah, and here I was contemplating a third child. Hubby, who was originally a one child man - with me that as. He already has two from a previous marriage. What with being eleven years older than me and all he said a third child would have to be straight away - which I agree with or otherwise kids will be playing ball with a dad who is limping from a hip replacement.

I best pack it in. Last night was a no goer on the sleep front - thanks to a snoring hub and M waking up every hour or so. Tomorrow through Saturday should also be low on the list of best sleeps what with having to share a room with three other babies and three other mothers. I should be absolutely high on lack of sleep by saturday. watch out walls I think there might be some bouncing going on.


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