Thursday, 14 February 2008

Fool no longer

In Japan there is a saying that fools don't catch colds. For the last couple of years I have been the fool. Would rather be a fool than a hyperchondriac husband who takes medicine at the drop of a hat - or rather a sniff of the nose or a 36.9 temperature. Now it is me though - thanks to the local kindy. S got it last week, followed by M, then Granny K and then Hub. Little relief in the knowledge that I got it last and must therefor obviously be the strongest person here. Not that a 1 year old, 5 month old and 70 year old are much competition.

I will have to cancel my photo shoots for the next couple of weeks because I have blown my nose raw - I have up-graded from tissues to baby wipes - so much softer and nicer on the skin. Also probably getting nice moisturizing at the same time.

To his credit Hub got up this morning and did everything with S. He even took him to kindy for me. I am still in my PJs sitting here blowing my nose, dabbing my eyes and sneezing all over the keyboard. M is havig some no-nappy time in from of the fire.

We got a sprinkling of snow yesterday. I got excited thinking that it might actually settle - which would have been the first time this winter. But no. Turned to slush and now it is just freezing cold. M has decided she wants some breaky. Might have to finish this later.

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