Friday, 15 February 2008


Hub finally convinced me to take some of his Japanese cold drugs. Three sugar coated pills that I might humbly add have worked. Three more this morning and I was up and out the door by eight with both kids packed in the car, a load of washing done and the dishes at least halfway into the sink. Perhaps the pills were actually speed, in which case no bloody wonder Hub takes them at the drop of a hat. After dropping S off at kindy - into the arms of his favorite teacher - M and I went shopping. She lasted very well and is just having a wee nut out on the mat before we go for a walk.

Speaking of drugs... I found Star Trek (wasn't looking for it) on sky last night. Doc claimed to have some drugs that could 'tranquilize an active volcano!' Love that. Might have to try and sneakily add it into a conversation this week. Doubt it will translate very well into Japanese. After Doc had administered the drugs everyone started floating round the ship and acting quite similar to how my flat of girlfriends acted after a batch of 'cookies' back in varsity. Hmmm.

I was aiming to get up and make hubby a valentines lunch yesterday. That didn't happen though what with not even having enough strength to throw the futon covers back. So, I compensated by a heart filled dinner - literally. Heart shapped fried rice and some chuhai in one of our most expensive wine glasses. How positively romantic. Hub came home from work with a bag of choccies from the women in his office. I had to sample one from each packet and now they are in the fridge - calling at me as I type. Must admit, the girls outdid themselves this year. Very tasty indeed and it will take every ounce of willpower to by-pass them everytime I open the fridge.

Right, I feel the productive urge coming on - productive as in those days when you can get so much done. Might go upstairs and sort out the spare room which I think still has christmas decorations waiting to be put away. Right after I take M for a walk in the fresh air.


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