Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Drama Queen

M was a bit of a drama queen this morning, in fact I think I got twenty minutes sleep out of her all day. The teachers at kindy said that was all they got out of S as well! So come half five and they are both being a bit testy. S had to have bit of a nut out. Hub is out at voluntary compulsory drinking thing - which according to him he didn't really want to go to but which is obviously a lot of fun as is nearly eleven - meaning they have been at it for five hours. I was supposed to be the wife on duty going to pick him up but as is half an hour away said I would only go if could be back here by half eleven. As it turns out another bloke's wife is picking them up which probably means he won't stumble in till about one - cause as the whole town nows I am the strictest wife in Kunimi!!

I have been watching a bit of crap Japanese TV and my English isn't a coming so I think I will go and have a bath and then bed. Fingers crossed I get at least three hours in a row tonight. Last night was a complete right off.


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