Sunday, 17 February 2008

Dirty Ole Granny K

And by dirty I don't mean putting on fishnets and a bit of lippy and trying to jump all the over-seventies in the neighbourhood. Dirty as in just plain dirty. Today is the third day in a row she isn't having a bath (or shower). She has the tail end of the cold that S bought home from kindy about a week ago. Because she has a temperature of 37.3 she isn't having a bath - such is the Japanese way. To save having an argument I tend to lie about my temperature if I have a cold - and if Granny K is being the temperature police. I have also been known to lie about the kids temperatures so I can get them in the bath and clean and happy before bed without world war III breaking out.

This pic is of Granny K's kitchen. To the left is a stove top and sink - of which only the sink is visible - and to the right is a fridge and a cupboard (or press if you're Irish). This is a typically tidy kitchen for Granny K. I think she thinks that because her feet are so small she doesn't need as much floor space for them. With the amount of shite she has in here I'm surprised she needs a vegetable garden outside. Surely things could sprout just as easily from in here - and the wild pigs wouldn't get to them. What a bonus. A couple of months ago I went into her room to put away some shopping she had asked me to get. She was out at her pottery class but had left her back door open. When I opened the door a wild cat came running out from down beside her bed. Now, I don't dislike cats at all but I don't appreciate a wild scroungy mungrel running around and spreading germs in my nice clean house. Granny K reckoned the cat came in because it was cold. I reckon Granny K is just a tad senile already. The cat knew a good deal when it saw one. Half a vege shop and morsals of two years worth of dinners all over the floor.

I have yet to see the vaccuum cleaner enter her room - other than the times I do a quick brush over the visible floor space on my vaccuum adventures. I was going to offer to spring clean her room as a christmas present but hub said she would probably be offended that I thought it bad enough to offer. I'll play my trump if I have to though - no children of mine are playing in a dump like that.

The local priest came round this arvo to bless a couple of our rocks. I kid you not. We have one around the back that is shaped, not purposefully, like a felic object and another one in the front garden that admittedly is quite cool and has its own little pond around it. We saved it from the jungle when we got the garden landscapped. These rocks guard our house and keep us safe. I have named the one out the back Arnold and the one in the garden Sylvester. So, every year on the 17th of February the priest comes over and waves his white paper wand over the rocks. Granny K has to have a tray with some salt, fish, sake and something else - a carrot or a raddish depending on what she can pull from the vege patch. It was snowing today but still Granny K was out there with the priest. She'll probably get another cold, another temperature and hence not have a bath for another three days - at which time she will probably start sprouting a few shitake mushrooms.

Hub is upstairs putting S to sleep. We are cracking open the homemade plum wine tonight. Actually, I sampled it last night just to make sure it was up to being served to thy master tonight. Was lovely, with cinnamon underlays and a honey aftertaste.

Oooh, S is nutting out. Aaah, and thats hub down the stairs. Leaving S to nut out for a few minutes. Not surprising seeing as he had a two hour nap this afternoon.

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medea said...

That's a lot cleaner than my in-laws kitchen!

I find that Japanese people think that since their homes are disposable anyway, not much reason to clean. Plus they tend to have very little storage, so everything ends up piled on the floor. It pretty much disgusts me.