Sunday, 3 February 2008

Devil is out

Wednesday at the hospital has turned into tomorrow. Granny K is taking S to kindy in a taxi which of course she thinks is a complete waste of money - but at the same time didn't offer to babysit him for the whole day. She hasn't got a license so I made her promise me that she wouldn't ask the 86 year old, blind in one eye and deaf lady from the temple next door to drive S to kindy. Said I would leave a thousand yen on the bench. We have to leave at about 6 - which means getting up at five. Ah well, at least hub is one of those, if we are both in the car then I should be the one driving because I am better than you, you silly woman driver, types of men. Means I can sleep the whole way to Fukuoka. Will be a long day but really just need to keep the whole process going. The sooner she gets checked out there the sooner we will know what comes next.
M had another one of those days where she just seemed to pick at her food all day - well in this case booby. I am sure they have drifted south about a mm after today. am surpised they are still producing at all. How can one baby drink so much??? Ah well, fattening her up so she has more weight behind her for the anesthetic. The bigger the better.

We did mamemaki (throwing beans) with S today. In Japan, on the third of February each year there is a holdiay called setsubun - which is supposedly the marking of a new season - winter to spring. Traditionally you throw peanutty things and say 'oni wa sotto' (the devil (bad fortune) is out and 'fuku wa uchi' (the good fortune is in). All it really means is that you have a hell of a lot of peanuts to clean up. They did it on the actual day at kindy and S got so scared at seeing the head of the kindy dressed up as a devil that he cried until he shook. He got his own special devil hat that he doesn't mind wearing though.

Right, I better pack my hospital bag for tomorrow. I'm trying to be prepared for the doctor saying he thinks we should start tests straight way. None of this just whip home to get my things. Saw on the home page that the average stay for operation is three weeks, although the woman I spoke to the other night said her daughter was in for eleven days. I have been complaining about being tired all day - but blame that on four hours of engrossing tv last night starting at ten. CSI New York, followed by CSI Miami, followed by Greys Anatomoy, followed by Project runway 3. Love it. all good. CSI does annoy me how the characters talk as if you are a sandwhich short of a picnic.

CSI pretty person 1: This place is pretty clean
CSI pretty person 2: Hey, CSI pretty person 1, look at this blood splurging out from under this here bathroom tile.
CSI pretty person 1: I wonder if it belongs to our vic (clip of vic being beaten over head with high heal and blood seeping under tiles in super slow mo)
CSI pretty person 2: I'll get CSI pretty person 3 to check the database.
CSI pretty person 1: if it wasn't our vic then I wonder if it was Tina, the mysterious lap dancer

Project runway was a bitchfest as usual. But then making a designer outfit for a poodle would do my head in too.

better finish packing.

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