Monday, 18 February 2008


Granny K is in the bath as I type. Taking a little longer than usual, no doubt scouring off three days of grime.

Spent an hour on the phone this morning catching up with a friend who is due this thursday. I found myself giving out random bits of birth and baby information even though I was consciously trying not to. Remember getting 'advice' from everyone and anyone when I was pregnant. And with the first baby you do try and take it all on board just because you don't know better. Obviously the useless piles of shite advice that Granny K was dishing out didn't get taken on board - but thats because I KNOW that the cord can not get wrapped around the baby's neck just because I am hanging out the washing with my arms above my head - which I might add is still the best way and possibly the only way to hang out washing - unless Granny K has perfected a way that requires you to stand on your head.

Prune Protein Lady rang and invited me to another party tomorrow because there is someone going who just has to meet me. She has a baby too, and oh, you know, what with you both having babies and all you will probably have lots to talk about. No doubt this other lady's baby was getting prune protein injections while she was still on the inside. Healthy, strong, never get sick baby. Anyway, I had to graciously decline with the excuse of spending the whole day getting ready for M and my hospital stay from Wednesday.

Really am having an early night tonight. No CSI, Cold Case or Medium on tonight.


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