Monday, 11 February 2008


I am going to bed at nine o'oclock - at least thats what I told myself an hour ago and it's now half nine. where has the day gone? I could have sworn only about three hours have gone by since breakfast this morning. All a bit a blur really. Days that passed in a blur used to only be alcohol induced from the night before but now it happens from taking sick kids to the hospital and running round after a todler who has more toys than Toys R Us - half of which talk to you at random intervals and the other half of which actually never started off their life as toys at all, keys, old remotes, interesting shaped tuppaware containers, huge avaitor sunnies from when Hub was going through his top gun phase, a couple of torches and a wooden back scratcher.

The temperature, runny nose, cough cold that S had has been passed on to M. Took her to the hospital this morning. Was a public holiday today but hub had to go to work. Only for an hour as it turned out though what with M's temerature rising to 38.5 degrees by 10am. So, drive the hour to the hopsital where every man and his dog are waiting to see the one doctor on duty. We thought the temperature would mean a few days in hospital for M and I - hence my very impressive hospital bag packing in under three minutes before we left. M's temperature rose very quickly and I started to panic thinking she was going to bubble over before we got to the hospital. Her temp was not kidney infection related though so we were sent on our way with four separate packets of medicine - which the doctor said I could mix together (in manner of chemistry lab experiment) and give to M all at the same time. Well, that was a stupid idea. M wasn't having a bar of it and between dribbles and bubbles out the side of her mouth and S coming along and wanting his share and knocking the cup over she got none. She has gone to bed with lots of cuddles and a temperature that is still 38 degrees.

The hospital also only gave us one days worth of medicine!! When I asked why they said that it was policy on public holidays. I am not quite sure I understand the logic behind this. The doctor on duty was a real doctor not a taxi driver, and it wasn't like M needed a pshyc evaluation or anything for some medicine to take her temperature down and dry up her snotty nose. So, back to the hospital again tomorrow. Joy Joy. Good buy entire morning - hence why I have the washing machine on now.

Tomorrow was meant to be a shopping expedition to the city with a girlfriend and her son. We were going to buy stuff so we could make choccies for our husbands for valentines day. Sick I know but I was actually looking forward to it. Would have meant a starbucs driveby too. Told hub I was going to handmake him some choccies (feel the love) and he said he didn't want any,that he got enough from the girls at work, and could I not 'do something else' for him. ahem. wink wink. Not likely buddy. Not on a weekday and not without a bottle of wine.

I am hanging out for the 14th - bring on the chocolate from all those young single women in Hub's office. Silly custom - giving the men you work with 'obligatory' chocolate. Japan has made it so commercialized that there is now friend chocs, obligatory chocs and 'real feelings' chocs. I guess some wives would think chocs for their hubbies comes under obligatory chocs. Men give to women on March the 14th. No doubt I will be sent to the city to buy the return obligatory chocs for all those young single women in Hub's office. Bring on the two dollar boxes of scorched almonds.

Off to bed. I wonder if I 'do something else' tonight I will be exempt from it on valentines day.


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azumarisan said...

Haha what a laugh "bring on the two dollar boxes of scorched almonds"!!!

My mind boggles at the fact they give married men boxes of chocolates too...what is with that? So weird!!

I guess it's good for you get free choccy lots!