Friday, 15 February 2008


Bloody Granny K!! Arrrgghhhh.

What a huuha. Picked S up from kindy and he was in a grand mood. Got through dinner without redocorating the kitchen and even managed a few laps of the mat with his tonker toys. He went to Granny K's room with his 'things that move' book. Love that book - and according to S everything, including the skateboard and the hot air balloon, make a sound like a police car. wa woo wa woo wa. Anyway, I digress. 39 seconds later and S is wailing. I run in. Granny K has obviously been sitting in near complete darkness. S is standing on her table. He tried to pull the cord that hangs down from the middle of the light and slipped and banged his nose on the end of her bed. She is saying that he is OK but at the same time asking me why his cheeks are so red - turn the fricken light on. Blood pouring out his nose. I didn't get hysterical despite it being the first time S has lost any blood. I calmy picked him up and stormed out of her room.

We have a lock on her door - unfortunately it isn't so that we can keep her in there. It can be opened from both sides and is so S can't go into the haven of all things dangerous when she isn't there. God why does anyone agree to live with their mother in law. The only other time S has hurt hurt himself was when she was 'keeping an eye on him' while I was teaching English. He had just started to walk and was still very wobly - hence why I didn't take him galloping along the concrete road very often. Granny K did though and then thought it OK to stop and gossip to one of the other grannies, no doubt about the degree of sunlight best for growing shitake mushrooms or who had the most wild pigs come down into the paddies to eat the pumpkins in the year 1972. S took that moment to flatten himself to the road. I hear a scream and, followed by six 5 year old girls who had only seconds before been chanting the days of the week with me, ran out to see S with blood all over his knee. OK, so the bloody nose was the second bit of blood but seeing it on his face seemed a lot worse.

S was only a little over one then and I did get hysterical and told Granny K she wasn't looking after / playing with or touching her grandson again. Ahem. I know. Just a tad over the top. I stopped myself from saying that much this time. I also know what side my bread's buttered on and I am actually grateful for the times she looks after them - I just wish, wish and wish (and I could wish till the cows come home) that we were on the same page in terms of playing, where to play and what things are good things to play with.

I took S into the bathroom and he calmed down a bit in the bath. I got M and the three of us had a bath together. Love that. Not a big fan of the getting M out and drying and dressing her, then me and then S though. Always a bit of a production. S went to bed with only five minutes of nutting out which I had to ignore because M was munching - and yes it is now munching. Well, as munching as you can munch without teeth. Gums can be very sore though. Yelping everytime she does it doesn't help either - she thinks thats a great laugh. Am really looking forward to those teeth - one fast way to stop breastfeeding I guess. If she knows whats good for her she will keep those teeth sucked up in them there gums for a good few more months yet.

After the bloody nose drama I had to text hub and ask him to bring home some vino. Need a glass to get over the traumatic evening.


Oooh - Hub just arrived home with vino and some shu puffs. Good man. He knows how to keep a traumatized wife happy - or he is just trying to keep his wife from killing his mother.

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