Monday, 4 February 2008

Beautiful Pee

Up at the crack of dawn and sneaking round the house to get ready to go to the hospital and trying not to wake S up. Left at 6 and floored it to get there by 9. The doctor we had been referred to was lovely and I immeditaly felt relieved that this was the man going to be operating on M. You know how some people just have that persona. He did look a bit like a cross between an E-wok and one of the gremlins before it turns into a gremlin - when it is still cute. What was it called?? Moggie?? My brain at the end of the day is mush. Well it has been lately, almost as if, ... shite, I better not be. Boobies won't handle being leached onto for a third year in a row.

The doctor explained the process and then M had a pee parcel put on so they could test all sorts of riveting data. I was so proud when she did a huge milileterage of beautiful clear pee. You can never get excited over your child's pee unless you have been through five pee parcels in a row because they keep getting contaminated by poo and then have the nurses end up taking pee out with an ouchy ouchy pee tube.

Enough about pee

Her results were good so the next step is three days in hospital at the end of this month so they can do every test under the sun including one that requires her to be fully anesthetised. Those results will determine how urgent the operation is. Hopefully we can get away waiting until she is ten months or so. Rah rah, all good news really as operation is 99% success rate.

Didn't take the toll road home so took four hours. Glad we don't have to do that trip for another couple of weeks.

Home to phone call from prune protein lady wanting to know if I could come to another prune protein party on Friday - they are making choccies. Graciously refused. She said they would be good to give to S, I said that I didn't feed my 18 month old son chocolate. But it has prune protein in it .....

English classes starting again this week. Joy Joy. Actually do like the kids I teach so looking forward to it. And of course, the pocket money (petrol to Fukuoka) it brings.

Better get onto preparing a few lessons.


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