Friday, 29 February 2008


Really too tired to be on the computer. Can't believe I am about to call it a night and it's not even half past eight. Think a bit of husband maintainance is on the cards.

I was on a roll this morning. I had my day all planned out, including about thirty minutes to make lasagna for dinner - lasagna is my menue that I cook whenever I can't be bothered thinking of something more creative. I usually tend to have all the ingredients in the house, although today I somehow managed to start before realising I had no canned tomatoes and no bloody lasagna sheets. I had to SKIN seven tomatoes - this was a first for me. Luckily I had seen a program on telly saying that you bake them a bit first so the skins just fall off. It's true you know, the skins peel off so easily. The moral of the story being... believe everything you see on TV - and possibly in Cosmo. Or, perhaps a more approriate moral of the story could be to never run out of canned tomatos because peeling them yourselves is a right pain in the ass and a lot more hassel than opening a 103 yen can of tomatos.

The lack of lasagna sheets resulted in some shell pasta being thrown in with the meat sauce. As I was layering my white sauce with my sauce and pasta mix I thought that really it would have made more sense just to mix everything together first instead of layering slop after slop that just runs into each other. And who would have known -I don't think hub has ever really taken notice of my lasagna layering techniques before. Ah well, it was still tasty.

The kids both went down by eight and I had my first bath alone in ages. I usually get in with S for ten minutes and then Granny K brings in M and ten minutes later comes back to get her before S and I get out. If Granny K is pissing my off I do it all on my own. I used to be a bit uncomfortable about getting the boobs out to breast feed in front of Granny K - now though... what's the point really. So much easier if I can just hand M to her from the bath while not having to try and strategically drape a facecloth across my chest. That and the fact that a facecloth could probably only cover my pre-breastfeeding boobs. Aaaah, I remember them. They were the ones that used to fit into things properly and be that ever bit closer to my chin.

My ideal bathtime would be just me and a glass of chilled white wine and a book - preferablly some crappy chic lit that doesn't make you think too much - like Dan Brown. Definately not a bath book author. Tonight, however, I had to make do with a lemon chuhai and a sodoku - the only non-japanese book in the house that I hadn't read / finished! The bath was so hot that I think I can feel my face getting thinner!

Right, off to bed.



Thursday, 28 February 2008

M is over her temperature and just dealing with her hacking cough now. S hasn't come down with it yet but Hub, as expected, now has a runny nose and a sore throat. He even said he might not go into to work on saturday - yay, family outing - not! He NEEDS to sleep all day. When have I, since the sprogs came along, or will I ever again, until they are 18 and leave home, be able to sleep ALL day?? In fairness he does do a lot to help but he does have to mention everything and as of yet, has never had to deal with both kids at once - ie while I go away for a day of beautifying and wine. Dr.eams are free.

Today was one of those days where you have a long list of things you want to tick off but which never really end up getting fully done - like the washing, that I got in off the line but left in a pile on the table / like the dishes that made it to the sink but not back into the cupboard.

M and I decided half way through the day that we needed a drive. Well, I decided and M decided not to complain. So, with the washing on the table and the dishes in the sink, we went on a date - via the store to get one of their yummy pie crust shu pastries (shu-cream). I got two - thinking that I would be nice wifey and give one to Hub after dinner, but... as soon as I was back in the car I knew it wouldn't last till dinner. They are just too good. The first one is just heaven, as is the first bite of the second one - but after that I start regretting it and realising that no amount of 'stepping' on my air climber is going to get rid of the extra 800 calories I've just consumed. Ahh, such is life.

When we got back Granny K decided to make an appearance. She pronounced that M's face has gotten thinner since she got her temperature two days ago. Chirst - if thats all it took to get a thinner face I would sit in a hot bath eating chilly peppers for a bloody week. Not quite sure if the chilly peppers would result in a skinny face but if not, than am sure they would help clear the system of bad toxins rah rah. Go Granny K!! love that theory.

The house is silent - everyone, including the granny, is asleep. I should probably head that way too. Another day of only half finishing housework tomorrow. - although truth be known I did manage to clean the bathroom and clean out the fireplace today. Tick those off my list.



Wednesday, 27 February 2008


If I thought it was pouring last week then its a monoon this week and no doubt a typhoon hitting sometime next week. Docs visit yesterday resulted in M testing positive for influenza - something which the Japanese tend to get overly worked up about. She has had a fever for two days but that must have just about run its course. She still has her smokers cough but we got some absolutely heinous chinese herbal shite meddy for that which surprisingly she actually keeps down. Unlike after a huge feed last night when she thought she would see what it felt like to vomit out her nose. I got such a fright I rang the hospital just to check she wasn't going to die!

Hub has a runny nose so will no doubt be out of action for anything that involves the kids or house stuff for the next couple of days - he will of course be OK for work. After that, S will no doubt get it on about Sunday. Joy Joy. And here I was thinking three kids would be nice. Bugger that. Or at least need to get one out of nappies before another goes in.

Ooh, the seasoned smoker awakes. Time to wipe her down and give her some booby before I have to go and pick S up. Better take his new thomas bath toy that changes color in warm water - so that I can bribe him in to sitting in the car seat for long enough to buckle him in. What a mission.


Monday, 25 February 2008

Spare Parts

Here is M in her get-up drugged from sleeping meddy and waiting to be wheeled away for her big test that required a full anaesthetic. Wednesay was madness with M being whisked here there and everywhere - or more specifically MRI, CR, Echo, X-Rays, Blood, Pee, ... rah rah you name it and she was strapped down to it - naked, save a winnie the pooh nappy. On thursday we only had the one test and on Friday we got to twiddle our thumbs because Hub couldn't come and get us until Saturday.

The hospital was great and I feel a lot more relieved knowing that they have a lot of experience with Reflux related operations. Nearly half of the kids in our ward were in for similar operations. One 10 month old baby had an operation to keep her hanging in there until she reaches 10 kgs - the majic number for being able to get one of her mother's kidneys. SO.... yes, everything has been put into perspective!

It appears that while in utero M started making some spare parts. She has nearly two (they are joined at the top/bottom) kidneys on her right side. Her left side is fine and overall the two and a half kidneys have 100% kidney functional. The funny one on the right though has a ureter that is joined to the bladder in a funny place and causing the reflux. The doctor is going to get in there and reattach it. Then, if that doesn't stop the reflux they will just whip the kidney out and leave her still with over 90% functionality. Not all good, but better than we first feared.
The operation will probably be in about the end of August and will mean a two week hospital stay. At least she will celebrate her birthday with all her pee flowing the right way again.

Right - off to see if I can get away with taking her temperature without waking her up. She has a bit of a temperature and a slight smokers cough. Might have to go on a drive to the doctors tomorrow. All good though because the hospital is near a supermarket that apparantly sells New Zealand Whittikers Peanut Slabs. Obviously not the best food group for someone trying to lose the rest of the baby fat so she can reward herself with a new summer dress from Victorias Secret - but I have a feeling these particular peanut slabs are crying out for me to buy them.


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

It's pouring

It doesn't rain it bloody well pours!
Tomorrow is the start of three days of tests for M at the children's hospital in Fukuoka. She has a bit of a cough but they still said we can come as planned. I got our stuff sorted this morning.

At about half three, while M and I were having a nap because we both got NO sleep last night, I got a call from the kindy saying S had the shits and a sore ear. Excellent. Off we go to pick him up, and because he has the glassy eye thing going on decide to take him to see his doctor - an hour and a half away. Go and rouse Granny K from her tea-time at the temple next door because as usual, her mobile phone is sitting on her bed. She looks after M while S and I go on our road trip to the docs.

Decide to take the motorway to save a bit of time. Couldn't see the presence of a mullet or not to confirm whether the driver was indeed from Germany, but christ he sure thought he was on the Autoban. Driving like a lunitic on my 80km an hour rural motorway. I was driving at a rebelious 95 but he must have been going at least 140. I know have 8 lives left - actually make that 7, I am sure I must have used one up at varsity somewhere along the way.

Anyway, S got some medicine squirted in his ear and a prescription for meddy to take his temperature down. He went to sleep as soon as his big head hit the pillow. Am hoping meddy works and hub doesn't have to take another day off on thursday to take him to the doctors again.

Aaah, and here I was contemplating a third child. Hubby, who was originally a one child man - with me that as. He already has two from a previous marriage. What with being eleven years older than me and all he said a third child would have to be straight away - which I agree with or otherwise kids will be playing ball with a dad who is limping from a hip replacement.

I best pack it in. Last night was a no goer on the sleep front - thanks to a snoring hub and M waking up every hour or so. Tomorrow through Saturday should also be low on the list of best sleeps what with having to share a room with three other babies and three other mothers. I should be absolutely high on lack of sleep by saturday. watch out walls I think there might be some bouncing going on.


Monday, 18 February 2008


Granny K is in the bath as I type. Taking a little longer than usual, no doubt scouring off three days of grime.

Spent an hour on the phone this morning catching up with a friend who is due this thursday. I found myself giving out random bits of birth and baby information even though I was consciously trying not to. Remember getting 'advice' from everyone and anyone when I was pregnant. And with the first baby you do try and take it all on board just because you don't know better. Obviously the useless piles of shite advice that Granny K was dishing out didn't get taken on board - but thats because I KNOW that the cord can not get wrapped around the baby's neck just because I am hanging out the washing with my arms above my head - which I might add is still the best way and possibly the only way to hang out washing - unless Granny K has perfected a way that requires you to stand on your head.

Prune Protein Lady rang and invited me to another party tomorrow because there is someone going who just has to meet me. She has a baby too, and oh, you know, what with you both having babies and all you will probably have lots to talk about. No doubt this other lady's baby was getting prune protein injections while she was still on the inside. Healthy, strong, never get sick baby. Anyway, I had to graciously decline with the excuse of spending the whole day getting ready for M and my hospital stay from Wednesday.

Really am having an early night tonight. No CSI, Cold Case or Medium on tonight.


Sunday, 17 February 2008

Dirty Ole Granny K

And by dirty I don't mean putting on fishnets and a bit of lippy and trying to jump all the over-seventies in the neighbourhood. Dirty as in just plain dirty. Today is the third day in a row she isn't having a bath (or shower). She has the tail end of the cold that S bought home from kindy about a week ago. Because she has a temperature of 37.3 she isn't having a bath - such is the Japanese way. To save having an argument I tend to lie about my temperature if I have a cold - and if Granny K is being the temperature police. I have also been known to lie about the kids temperatures so I can get them in the bath and clean and happy before bed without world war III breaking out.

This pic is of Granny K's kitchen. To the left is a stove top and sink - of which only the sink is visible - and to the right is a fridge and a cupboard (or press if you're Irish). This is a typically tidy kitchen for Granny K. I think she thinks that because her feet are so small she doesn't need as much floor space for them. With the amount of shite she has in here I'm surprised she needs a vegetable garden outside. Surely things could sprout just as easily from in here - and the wild pigs wouldn't get to them. What a bonus. A couple of months ago I went into her room to put away some shopping she had asked me to get. She was out at her pottery class but had left her back door open. When I opened the door a wild cat came running out from down beside her bed. Now, I don't dislike cats at all but I don't appreciate a wild scroungy mungrel running around and spreading germs in my nice clean house. Granny K reckoned the cat came in because it was cold. I reckon Granny K is just a tad senile already. The cat knew a good deal when it saw one. Half a vege shop and morsals of two years worth of dinners all over the floor.

I have yet to see the vaccuum cleaner enter her room - other than the times I do a quick brush over the visible floor space on my vaccuum adventures. I was going to offer to spring clean her room as a christmas present but hub said she would probably be offended that I thought it bad enough to offer. I'll play my trump if I have to though - no children of mine are playing in a dump like that.

The local priest came round this arvo to bless a couple of our rocks. I kid you not. We have one around the back that is shaped, not purposefully, like a felic object and another one in the front garden that admittedly is quite cool and has its own little pond around it. We saved it from the jungle when we got the garden landscapped. These rocks guard our house and keep us safe. I have named the one out the back Arnold and the one in the garden Sylvester. So, every year on the 17th of February the priest comes over and waves his white paper wand over the rocks. Granny K has to have a tray with some salt, fish, sake and something else - a carrot or a raddish depending on what she can pull from the vege patch. It was snowing today but still Granny K was out there with the priest. She'll probably get another cold, another temperature and hence not have a bath for another three days - at which time she will probably start sprouting a few shitake mushrooms.

Hub is upstairs putting S to sleep. We are cracking open the homemade plum wine tonight. Actually, I sampled it last night just to make sure it was up to being served to thy master tonight. Was lovely, with cinnamon underlays and a honey aftertaste.

Oooh, S is nutting out. Aaah, and thats hub down the stairs. Leaving S to nut out for a few minutes. Not surprising seeing as he had a two hour nap this afternoon.

Friday, 15 February 2008


Bloody Granny K!! Arrrgghhhh.

What a huuha. Picked S up from kindy and he was in a grand mood. Got through dinner without redocorating the kitchen and even managed a few laps of the mat with his tonker toys. He went to Granny K's room with his 'things that move' book. Love that book - and according to S everything, including the skateboard and the hot air balloon, make a sound like a police car. wa woo wa woo wa. Anyway, I digress. 39 seconds later and S is wailing. I run in. Granny K has obviously been sitting in near complete darkness. S is standing on her table. He tried to pull the cord that hangs down from the middle of the light and slipped and banged his nose on the end of her bed. She is saying that he is OK but at the same time asking me why his cheeks are so red - turn the fricken light on. Blood pouring out his nose. I didn't get hysterical despite it being the first time S has lost any blood. I calmy picked him up and stormed out of her room.

We have a lock on her door - unfortunately it isn't so that we can keep her in there. It can be opened from both sides and is so S can't go into the haven of all things dangerous when she isn't there. God why does anyone agree to live with their mother in law. The only other time S has hurt hurt himself was when she was 'keeping an eye on him' while I was teaching English. He had just started to walk and was still very wobly - hence why I didn't take him galloping along the concrete road very often. Granny K did though and then thought it OK to stop and gossip to one of the other grannies, no doubt about the degree of sunlight best for growing shitake mushrooms or who had the most wild pigs come down into the paddies to eat the pumpkins in the year 1972. S took that moment to flatten himself to the road. I hear a scream and, followed by six 5 year old girls who had only seconds before been chanting the days of the week with me, ran out to see S with blood all over his knee. OK, so the bloody nose was the second bit of blood but seeing it on his face seemed a lot worse.

S was only a little over one then and I did get hysterical and told Granny K she wasn't looking after / playing with or touching her grandson again. Ahem. I know. Just a tad over the top. I stopped myself from saying that much this time. I also know what side my bread's buttered on and I am actually grateful for the times she looks after them - I just wish, wish and wish (and I could wish till the cows come home) that we were on the same page in terms of playing, where to play and what things are good things to play with.

I took S into the bathroom and he calmed down a bit in the bath. I got M and the three of us had a bath together. Love that. Not a big fan of the getting M out and drying and dressing her, then me and then S though. Always a bit of a production. S went to bed with only five minutes of nutting out which I had to ignore because M was munching - and yes it is now munching. Well, as munching as you can munch without teeth. Gums can be very sore though. Yelping everytime she does it doesn't help either - she thinks thats a great laugh. Am really looking forward to those teeth - one fast way to stop breastfeeding I guess. If she knows whats good for her she will keep those teeth sucked up in them there gums for a good few more months yet.

After the bloody nose drama I had to text hub and ask him to bring home some vino. Need a glass to get over the traumatic evening.


Oooh - Hub just arrived home with vino and some shu puffs. Good man. He knows how to keep a traumatized wife happy - or he is just trying to keep his wife from killing his mother.


Hub finally convinced me to take some of his Japanese cold drugs. Three sugar coated pills that I might humbly add have worked. Three more this morning and I was up and out the door by eight with both kids packed in the car, a load of washing done and the dishes at least halfway into the sink. Perhaps the pills were actually speed, in which case no bloody wonder Hub takes them at the drop of a hat. After dropping S off at kindy - into the arms of his favorite teacher - M and I went shopping. She lasted very well and is just having a wee nut out on the mat before we go for a walk.

Speaking of drugs... I found Star Trek (wasn't looking for it) on sky last night. Doc claimed to have some drugs that could 'tranquilize an active volcano!' Love that. Might have to try and sneakily add it into a conversation this week. Doubt it will translate very well into Japanese. After Doc had administered the drugs everyone started floating round the ship and acting quite similar to how my flat of girlfriends acted after a batch of 'cookies' back in varsity. Hmmm.

I was aiming to get up and make hubby a valentines lunch yesterday. That didn't happen though what with not even having enough strength to throw the futon covers back. So, I compensated by a heart filled dinner - literally. Heart shapped fried rice and some chuhai in one of our most expensive wine glasses. How positively romantic. Hub came home from work with a bag of choccies from the women in his office. I had to sample one from each packet and now they are in the fridge - calling at me as I type. Must admit, the girls outdid themselves this year. Very tasty indeed and it will take every ounce of willpower to by-pass them everytime I open the fridge.

Right, I feel the productive urge coming on - productive as in those days when you can get so much done. Might go upstairs and sort out the spare room which I think still has christmas decorations waiting to be put away. Right after I take M for a walk in the fresh air.


Thursday, 14 February 2008

Fool no longer

In Japan there is a saying that fools don't catch colds. For the last couple of years I have been the fool. Would rather be a fool than a hyperchondriac husband who takes medicine at the drop of a hat - or rather a sniff of the nose or a 36.9 temperature. Now it is me though - thanks to the local kindy. S got it last week, followed by M, then Granny K and then Hub. Little relief in the knowledge that I got it last and must therefor obviously be the strongest person here. Not that a 1 year old, 5 month old and 70 year old are much competition.

I will have to cancel my photo shoots for the next couple of weeks because I have blown my nose raw - I have up-graded from tissues to baby wipes - so much softer and nicer on the skin. Also probably getting nice moisturizing at the same time.

To his credit Hub got up this morning and did everything with S. He even took him to kindy for me. I am still in my PJs sitting here blowing my nose, dabbing my eyes and sneezing all over the keyboard. M is havig some no-nappy time in from of the fire.

We got a sprinkling of snow yesterday. I got excited thinking that it might actually settle - which would have been the first time this winter. But no. Turned to slush and now it is just freezing cold. M has decided she wants some breaky. Might have to finish this later.

Monday, 11 February 2008


I am going to bed at nine o'oclock - at least thats what I told myself an hour ago and it's now half nine. where has the day gone? I could have sworn only about three hours have gone by since breakfast this morning. All a bit a blur really. Days that passed in a blur used to only be alcohol induced from the night before but now it happens from taking sick kids to the hospital and running round after a todler who has more toys than Toys R Us - half of which talk to you at random intervals and the other half of which actually never started off their life as toys at all, keys, old remotes, interesting shaped tuppaware containers, huge avaitor sunnies from when Hub was going through his top gun phase, a couple of torches and a wooden back scratcher.

The temperature, runny nose, cough cold that S had has been passed on to M. Took her to the hospital this morning. Was a public holiday today but hub had to go to work. Only for an hour as it turned out though what with M's temerature rising to 38.5 degrees by 10am. So, drive the hour to the hopsital where every man and his dog are waiting to see the one doctor on duty. We thought the temperature would mean a few days in hospital for M and I - hence my very impressive hospital bag packing in under three minutes before we left. M's temperature rose very quickly and I started to panic thinking she was going to bubble over before we got to the hospital. Her temp was not kidney infection related though so we were sent on our way with four separate packets of medicine - which the doctor said I could mix together (in manner of chemistry lab experiment) and give to M all at the same time. Well, that was a stupid idea. M wasn't having a bar of it and between dribbles and bubbles out the side of her mouth and S coming along and wanting his share and knocking the cup over she got none. She has gone to bed with lots of cuddles and a temperature that is still 38 degrees.

The hospital also only gave us one days worth of medicine!! When I asked why they said that it was policy on public holidays. I am not quite sure I understand the logic behind this. The doctor on duty was a real doctor not a taxi driver, and it wasn't like M needed a pshyc evaluation or anything for some medicine to take her temperature down and dry up her snotty nose. So, back to the hospital again tomorrow. Joy Joy. Good buy entire morning - hence why I have the washing machine on now.

Tomorrow was meant to be a shopping expedition to the city with a girlfriend and her son. We were going to buy stuff so we could make choccies for our husbands for valentines day. Sick I know but I was actually looking forward to it. Would have meant a starbucs driveby too. Told hub I was going to handmake him some choccies (feel the love) and he said he didn't want any,that he got enough from the girls at work, and could I not 'do something else' for him. ahem. wink wink. Not likely buddy. Not on a weekday and not without a bottle of wine.

I am hanging out for the 14th - bring on the chocolate from all those young single women in Hub's office. Silly custom - giving the men you work with 'obligatory' chocolate. Japan has made it so commercialized that there is now friend chocs, obligatory chocs and 'real feelings' chocs. I guess some wives would think chocs for their hubbies comes under obligatory chocs. Men give to women on March the 14th. No doubt I will be sent to the city to buy the return obligatory chocs for all those young single women in Hub's office. Bring on the two dollar boxes of scorched almonds.

Off to bed. I wonder if I 'do something else' tonight I will be exempt from it on valentines day.


Sunday, 10 February 2008


PJs - have been in mine ALL day. Don't think I've done that since varsity. Quite scodey really but completely understandable - kind of. S has been sick so we have been banned from braving the beautiful but cold outdoors today. Hub and Granny K think that only a bad mother would take their child outside if they had sniffles or give them a bath. Was a program on this evening about Germany or actually might have been Denmark - where a lot of mothers actually purposefully left their sleeping child outside in the pram for the afternoon nap. Better to breathe in the nice outside air than the stuffy inside air all day. Of course the kids were dressed in snow suits and zipped up to within an inch of their life but still.... outside.... in the cold.

Maybe I could start a new tradition in Japan where you wrap your mother in law up and zip her up to within an inch of her life and leave her outside all day. hmmmm. wonder if it will take on. From what I can gather even the Japanese women have trouble when it comes to living under the same roof as their mother in law - they just don't vocalize it so much! But as a woman I need to spew out a million words a day. Living in a different culture means I have the right to spew out twice as many words - presuming half are in Japanese. I tend to manage this quite easily most days.

I have just finished a translation on sugarcane and sustainable agriculture in the philippines. Surprising really that I am still awake to tell the tale. Actually am just about asleep at the keyboard. Best I head off to bed.

nighty night campers


Friday, 8 February 2008


I can tick off four things off my list for today. I am a bit of a list person but sometimes it can get out of control and I can spend more time making the list, checking the list and crossing things off the list than I do doing things on the list. Lists make me feel like I have accomplished something for the day. Usually they just have usual house stuff with a couple of non-day to day things like going to the post office or finishing a translation or, and this is something that has been on my list of things I don't want to do but really need to get done, cleaning the range hood above the stove top. Think that can wait another day. It's a very devious range hood. It still fools you because it looks as nice as it did two years ago but if you stand on a chair and look it is actually filthy. Just looking at it now. Might have to put range hood cleaner on my supermarket list for this afternoon. and maybe a pair of rubber gloves. Hmmm, think I can spy some tempura oil splatterings. Note to self, add chemical plant face mask to shopping list.

M is having an unusually long morning nap. Once she wakes up I think it will be off for a wee drive to see if I can convince someone they need a coffee and gossip, then its past the post office to pay for a baby rocker that a lady up north sent down yesterday. It is hard to find second hand things in Japan because Japanese people aren't really into the whole use something that has been someone elses thing. Fortunately I belong to a group of foreign wives here in Japan and there is a lot of swapping and passing things on. We do actually already have a baby bouncer but the one she was giving away was very cool, kind of spacey and really just a better interior design choice than the one we have. You can't rock rock rock your way to a better set of Abs, but you can rock rock rock your baby off to sleep in about five different reclining positions.

S came home from kindy with another war wound - but was completely his fault this time so not much sympathy, although truth be known he had forgotton about it by the time I picked him up. It was video time and all the kids were sitting on the mat. S felt the need to do star-jumps in front of the TV which obviously didn't get a very good response. He then turned the TV off and belted out of the room. One of the older women (3y) ran after him and lashed out. But what do you expect really. The moral of the story ... don't keep a woman for her wiggles - although no doubt Japanese version of wiggles.

Tis a long weekend this weekend. But then week days and weekends are pretty much the same with two kids under two. Pity I can't tell them to have a lie on on saturday morning - or that I'll give them a dollar if they bring me tea and toast in bed. 2 dollars if they can do it with out burning or dropping anything and 3 dollars if they can hose the kitchen down afterwards. Hub has work tomorrow but maybe on Sunday we will go on a family outing - I do get excited about loading everyone (minus granny K) in the car and leaving the borders of kunimi for some good ole fun for the whole family entertainment in the city. Of course the destination must be equipped with a change table in the toilets and a kiddies play area that will keep S amused for more than five minutes, and obviously a place with decent coffee.

Speaking of granny K - see photo. She has been exceptionally good these past couple of days. A great help in the evenings while Hub has to work late. While I still wish I could run round the house naked and sing Ace of Base songs at full pitch and not have to worry about running into Granny K on her way to the toilet, I am starting to realize that living with your mother in law does have some benefits, albeit benefits that I am sure we could still in enjoy if she was living next door.

Right, its nearly eleven. Better get things moving if I am going to go and scrounge a coffee and chat with someone before we hit lunchtime.


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Drama Queen

M was a bit of a drama queen this morning, in fact I think I got twenty minutes sleep out of her all day. The teachers at kindy said that was all they got out of S as well! So come half five and they are both being a bit testy. S had to have bit of a nut out. Hub is out at voluntary compulsory drinking thing - which according to him he didn't really want to go to but which is obviously a lot of fun as is nearly eleven - meaning they have been at it for five hours. I was supposed to be the wife on duty going to pick him up but as is half an hour away said I would only go if could be back here by half eleven. As it turns out another bloke's wife is picking them up which probably means he won't stumble in till about one - cause as the whole town nows I am the strictest wife in Kunimi!!

I have been watching a bit of crap Japanese TV and my English isn't a coming so I think I will go and have a bath and then bed. Fingers crossed I get at least three hours in a row tonight. Last night was a complete right off.


Monday, 4 February 2008

Beautiful Pee

Up at the crack of dawn and sneaking round the house to get ready to go to the hospital and trying not to wake S up. Left at 6 and floored it to get there by 9. The doctor we had been referred to was lovely and I immeditaly felt relieved that this was the man going to be operating on M. You know how some people just have that persona. He did look a bit like a cross between an E-wok and one of the gremlins before it turns into a gremlin - when it is still cute. What was it called?? Moggie?? My brain at the end of the day is mush. Well it has been lately, almost as if, ... shite, I better not be. Boobies won't handle being leached onto for a third year in a row.

The doctor explained the process and then M had a pee parcel put on so they could test all sorts of riveting data. I was so proud when she did a huge milileterage of beautiful clear pee. You can never get excited over your child's pee unless you have been through five pee parcels in a row because they keep getting contaminated by poo and then have the nurses end up taking pee out with an ouchy ouchy pee tube.

Enough about pee

Her results were good so the next step is three days in hospital at the end of this month so they can do every test under the sun including one that requires her to be fully anesthetised. Those results will determine how urgent the operation is. Hopefully we can get away waiting until she is ten months or so. Rah rah, all good news really as operation is 99% success rate.

Didn't take the toll road home so took four hours. Glad we don't have to do that trip for another couple of weeks.

Home to phone call from prune protein lady wanting to know if I could come to another prune protein party on Friday - they are making choccies. Graciously refused. She said they would be good to give to S, I said that I didn't feed my 18 month old son chocolate. But it has prune protein in it .....

English classes starting again this week. Joy Joy. Actually do like the kids I teach so looking forward to it. And of course, the pocket money (petrol to Fukuoka) it brings.

Better get onto preparing a few lessons.


Sunday, 3 February 2008

Devil is out

Wednesday at the hospital has turned into tomorrow. Granny K is taking S to kindy in a taxi which of course she thinks is a complete waste of money - but at the same time didn't offer to babysit him for the whole day. She hasn't got a license so I made her promise me that she wouldn't ask the 86 year old, blind in one eye and deaf lady from the temple next door to drive S to kindy. Said I would leave a thousand yen on the bench. We have to leave at about 6 - which means getting up at five. Ah well, at least hub is one of those, if we are both in the car then I should be the one driving because I am better than you, you silly woman driver, types of men. Means I can sleep the whole way to Fukuoka. Will be a long day but really just need to keep the whole process going. The sooner she gets checked out there the sooner we will know what comes next.
M had another one of those days where she just seemed to pick at her food all day - well in this case booby. I am sure they have drifted south about a mm after today. am surpised they are still producing at all. How can one baby drink so much??? Ah well, fattening her up so she has more weight behind her for the anesthetic. The bigger the better.

We did mamemaki (throwing beans) with S today. In Japan, on the third of February each year there is a holdiay called setsubun - which is supposedly the marking of a new season - winter to spring. Traditionally you throw peanutty things and say 'oni wa sotto' (the devil (bad fortune) is out and 'fuku wa uchi' (the good fortune is in). All it really means is that you have a hell of a lot of peanuts to clean up. They did it on the actual day at kindy and S got so scared at seeing the head of the kindy dressed up as a devil that he cried until he shook. He got his own special devil hat that he doesn't mind wearing though.

Right, I better pack my hospital bag for tomorrow. I'm trying to be prepared for the doctor saying he thinks we should start tests straight way. None of this just whip home to get my things. Saw on the home page that the average stay for operation is three weeks, although the woman I spoke to the other night said her daughter was in for eleven days. I have been complaining about being tired all day - but blame that on four hours of engrossing tv last night starting at ten. CSI New York, followed by CSI Miami, followed by Greys Anatomoy, followed by Project runway 3. Love it. all good. CSI does annoy me how the characters talk as if you are a sandwhich short of a picnic.

CSI pretty person 1: This place is pretty clean
CSI pretty person 2: Hey, CSI pretty person 1, look at this blood splurging out from under this here bathroom tile.
CSI pretty person 1: I wonder if it belongs to our vic (clip of vic being beaten over head with high heal and blood seeping under tiles in super slow mo)
CSI pretty person 2: I'll get CSI pretty person 3 to check the database.
CSI pretty person 1: if it wasn't our vic then I wonder if it was Tina, the mysterious lap dancer

Project runway was a bitchfest as usual. But then making a designer outfit for a poodle would do my head in too.

better finish packing.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Solar Panel Man

Went to see the specialist yesterday. I spoke some Japanese to him at the beginning so he knew I could speak Japanese, yet he still 'talked' to hubby the whole time. Got a bit silly when he ws talking to me through hubby and I was talking back. The youngest baby he has done the type of operation M will need was a ten month old. He said he wouldn't do it on a baby younger than that - but at the same time kept saying that the degree of M's VUR (Vesico Ureteral Reflux) is a five (worst) and that the longer we leave it the more damage her kidney will get. We got him to write a referral letter for the big children's hospital in Fukuoka. Going there on Wednesday.

Solar Panel Man and his wife came round for dinner last night. We had kimuchi nabe which is a hot pot with Korean spicey pickle sauce, pork, veges, mushies and I like putting cheese in it. Yum yum. Solar Panel Man got a bit sloshed - as did hub and me. Should have been signing solar panel papers later in the evening - as am sure I could have changed a seven to a one or something. As it happens though we are getting huge discount and they are starting in a week. Am feeling big surge of goodness at saying we make half our own electricity. How environmentally friendly!! save the planet and all that.

Forgot about the specially made triffles in the fridge and had to give them to them to take home. oops. M and S were both asleep by the time they arrived and M only woke up once for a bottle feed - where she chucked back 150 ml. She is still asleep but think might go in and ga ga and go go at her until she wakes up. Off shopping this morning but this arvo I need to knuckle down and translate a couple of business letters. rivetting stuff but what with the price of bloody petrol at the moment can't turn the work down. Fukuoka hospital is three and a half hours drive away and am sure we will be making a dent in that road over the next few months.

Happy weekending.