Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Starving Child

When I went to pick S up from kindy the teacher asked me if he eats well at home? Being a woman and all the reading between the lines that this implies I took her question to mean 'do your feed your child at all because at kindy he scoffs down all his lunch, the boy's beside him and still wants more plus a banana ten minutes later!'. Apart from his big head, the rest of him is jo blog normal size so he must be running round like a maniac to work off all those calories - pity I can't gift him some of my calories to run off every day too!

Booked M in for her three month check up on thursday. Lady on the other end of the phone suggested I book her for her BCG injections too - more like a branding than an injection though. Nine little squares imprinted on her upper arm. Crap mum that I am I don't even know what BCG stands for or what they are injecting into her! At 42 hub still has the leftovers of his branding - although I have heard they are better at it now and she shouldn't grow up worrying about wearing sleeveless tops and togs.

Early night tonight - both kids woke up twice each last night and I spent my afternoon nap time today searching the internet for hina dolls again. Ordered some that look a bit more 'now' rather than the traditional heian era face type. They cost more than my first car - which was a 1972 sky blue viva. A bargin at seven hundred dollars.

Off to bed

Sweet dreams, good health & quiet living

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