Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Prune Protein Bubble

Had to get out of there. Nearly got sucked into the prune protein bubble! They are in a world of their own. What I don't understand is if these prune products are so good why do they all have an illness story to tell. According to the top lady, she had trouble getting pregnant so started taking prune products and then what do you know low and behold (ten years later) she was fortunate enough to get pregnant with twins! Am wondering if perhaps it wasnt the fertility treatment as opposed to the prune miso soup and prune infused rice balls. One of the ladies did have a daughter who had a similar kidney condition to what M has though. She hadn't become a prune promoter at that time but if she had .... then maybe her daughter might have got better on her own or not have gotten as sick. Definately a lot of maybes but the general consensus was that I should be giving M watered down prune protein every day. I don't lead a supersize me kind of life so am inclined to think booby milk is the best protein for M at the moment.

So anyway, we have made it home without a trunk full of protein shake mix, prune juice, prune extract facial cream, prune extract houshold cleaner - hey if its good for you its good for your bathroom and your floors.

Hmmmmm, I was almost ready to purchase a trial pack until she started talking about the whole amway pyramid sales scheme. The other six of them - who claimed to be just being introduced to it for the first time too - were almost too in tune with the whole rant - they could talk the talk and walk the walk. Am wondering if perhaps they just pretend to be newbies for the sake of the one real newbie. Ooohs and aaahs in all the right places. Was like watching the audience on a tv shopping program.

I did take my camera a long to take a photo so I could show you what a prune protein party is like but I was in such awe as to what was taking place that I completely forgot. I was also a bit pissed at hubby's cousin who had invited me - because the first thing she told this room of people I had never met was that my daughter had a melfunctioning kidney. I hadn't even sat down before I was getting bombarded with prune this and prune that.

well, thats the duty done for another year. On the up side the lady with the daughter with the bad kidney like M did tell me about the hospital she had her operation at. I had heard about it before but was good to get that reinforced by someone who had actually been there and done that.

Off to make dinner and give M some booby before picking up S from kindy - they were having a tea ceremony today. would have loved to see that. It is such a refined process and not really appropriate for a room of two and three year olds, no doubt running riot.


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