Saturday, 26 January 2008

Hina Dolls

The hina dolls arrived today. Very cute and fit just right in the genkan. Think they may have even been worth the heavily discounted price we bought them for! Of course daughter M, at three months today, has no idea and son S just wants to pull them down and no doubt race them against his fire engine. He came home injury-free from kindy today and wasn't in that much of a foul mood at all. Nice change from yesterday.

Hubby's cousin came round for a visit this arvo. She always has some legitimate reason (this time it was to drop off some photos) but always ends up ranting on about miki prune extract products and how basically IT ALONE could make you never get sick again until you turn a hundred and ten, if not solve all of the world's problems and bring peace to mankind. I have been beaten down by miki prune babble into going to a prune protein cooking get together next week. Joy joy. really looking forward to that.

Hub had a compulsory voluntary game of park golf this afternoon. All the town office employees had to go. It is a cross between putt putt golf and proper golf. The others are on the lash as I type but hub made the right decision to come home and spend some quality family time with his very demanding gaijin wife and half gaijin son and daughter.

Up for a late night tonight because just have to watch all the bitching and whinging wannabe designers battle it out on project runway. Doesn't start till half twelve but think there is some CSI beforehand. yay yay yay bring on the English telly. Japanese telly is quite entertaining but I still need to hear english. At this very moment hub is watching a Korean film with Japanese sub titles. Far too sore on the brain for me. Beverly Hills Cop the other night was fantastic. Axel Foley (??) is the man. Was singing 'the heat is on' all day yesterday.

PS (and edited a little bit later) have just finished watching CSI - who is the man with the red hair? his lips are far too thin and I really don't understand how he got the part. He has been to Japan lately and SKY TV keep playing his interview. He is all for a CSI Tokyo. Would be keen to see how CSI would handle yakuza, chinpira, wannabe anybodies, cabare girlies and hosts.

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tash said...

Loving your blog!!

What nice Hina dolls - how did you manage to find such cute ones? Most of the ones I have seen remind me of Sadako, out of "The Ring" (or maybe that was just the hina dolls display I went to see in Hita one time)

MIL said that she was going to bring out SIL's hina dolls for DD, and set them up at their house, bless them - what with a dog, almost walking 9month old DD and a kotatsu in our 1R apartment, I think we might have been pushing it trying to fit the hina dolls in too.