Monday, 28 January 2008


Dropping S off at kindy this morning and one of the other mothers came running up to ask me if M was OK. I wondered if she thought I had left M at home alone while I dropped S off so I said that she was fine and that Granny K was keeping an eye on her (if not trying to feed her vitamin tablets like she did with S at five months). The other mother said that she was worried because she had heard that M was sick. The grapevine steamtrain in Kunimi working at full steam ahead. What is a not overly serious problem with her kidney has turned into a hole in her heart in about two weeks. I can understand the mistake though because in Japanese kidney is jinzo and heart is shinzo. An easy mistake!! Really only a matter of a couple of dots.

I am procrastinating from making a couple of phone calls. A book shop promotion place rang last week and are sending someone to come and talk about picture books, how to read them properly to different aged children and no doubt try and sell me a series of baby encyclopedias. I don't know why I agreed for this person I have never met, a man at that, to come to our house. So, time to ring and say I have to cancel because something terribly important has come up. I know it would probably be perfectly fine but Japan isn't the safe little country it used to be and I would just be sitting there the whole time wondering where the nice little book salesman was hiding his chainsaw. As it turns out, the miki prune protein cooking class is on at the same time and I think I have less chance of running into trouble with a room of middle aged woman and prune protein. But I will have to get back to you on that.

Better hang the washing out and maybe bake some muffins...

Later... I rang the book place and made appologies for having to cancel my appointment for tomorrow. What I was originally told was only a week campaign has suddenly been turned into lasting until the end of February - so could I just tell them when I had a free day. I said I would consult my schedule, which is chocker block full of muffin baking, prune protein get togethers and tea parties for two year olds. The lady on the end of the phone said SHE would ring ME back, and then proceeded to do so four times this afternoon. Luckily I was screening calls so didn't have to deal with the company which I now think is full of stalkers as well as chainsaw enthusiasts.

A friend came round with her nine month old son for a play this arvo - but is usually just bitch session about living with in-laws and not being in a fifty mile radius of a decent coffee shop. She enlightened me about some cultural things I didn't know - this year is her 'yakudoshi'. In Japan once every twelve years or so you have a three year period of supposedly not very good luck. the middle year is the worst I think. There are however various ways in which you can cancel out these bad vibes. Building a house and having children are some of these. Another is by being given something long - this was the only explanation she gave so I might have to delve into this matter a bit further. Her mother in law said she would buy her an obi (the belt of a kimono). I said I could go and cut a piece of string off the roll for her if she liked. I am in my last year of the three year period - hence why I HAD to have a child in 2006 and another in 2007. Not quite sure how to get the good vibes for this year. I guess I could always surprise my hub and go to bed early tonight. wink wink nudge nudge.


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